Player Lands 11

This area is mostly dominated by rolling plains with mountains making up its northeastern most hex.

Plains Encounter Table. For every 1 Hour spent in the Plains, roll 1d6.

1: 1d2 dire vultures circle overhead and attack any party of less than 3 people.

2: 1d4 rabbits run back to their burrow to hide. (animal handling dc16 to tame)

3: You find a farmstead slowly being rebuilt. The people who live there are friendly and offer you a place to stay for the night.

4: A rogue lion has been stalking you for a while and now he makes his attack.

5: a single shady tree where you can take a short rest.

6: A wild axe beak running through the grass. (animal handling dc20 to take. )

Plains Hunting table, Survival check DC 15. Roll 1d6.

1: 1d2 Lions

2: 1d2 Giant Elk

3: 1d2 Twig Blights

4: 1d4 Wolves

5: 1d2 Giant Eagle

6: 1d2 Axe beaks

Plains Harvest table, Nature check DC 15. Roll 1d4

1: 1d2 Fire Root worth 6 Gp each

2: 1d4 Ground Mint (Heals 1 Hp)

3: 1d2 Wild Lettuce

4: 1d2 Swarms of Insects (Bees) (Combat)


These tall and treacherous mountains are capped with snow and have some of the most extreme weather in the land.

Mountains Encounter Table. For every 1 Hour spent in the Mountains, roll 1d4.

1: 1d4 Wolves stalk you and attack any group of less than 3 players.

2: A herd of 1d6 Giant Elk graze in a clearing, aggressive if approached.

3: The boulder next to you turns into a Galeb duhr. It scolds you in common for entering its domain and attacks anyone who does not apologize with a successful dc10 cha check.

4: 1d4 Mountain Goats watch you from a nearby ledge.

5: A hunting party of 1d4 gnolls comes upon your scent.

6: 1d2+1 Pegasus that are keeping warm together, they are hostile unless a successful on a DC 20 Animal handling check is made to attempt to Tame one. The others fly away.

7: You come across a 40ft x 40ft cave containing 1d4 Shadows and a Shadow Demon. After defeating them it is a safe place to rest. An investigation dc10 reveals a cache of gold worth 1d12 x10 gp.

8: A yeti jumps out from the snow nearby and attacks.

Mountains Hunting table, Survival check DC 15. Roll 1d6.

1: 1d2 Giant Boars

2: 1d2 Giant Elk

3: 1d2 Yeti

4: 1d4 Brown Bears

5: 1d2 Wyvern

6: 1d6 Wolves

Mountains Harvest table, Nature check DC 15. Roll 1d4.

1- Black Root – Gives resistance to cold damage for 1 hour when consumed.

2- Quicksilver Root – when consumed as a bonus action, gives the effects of a haste spell until the end of your next turn.

3- Questionable berries – When you consume these berries, roll a 1d100, on a roll of 50 or above the berries heal 4d8 hp. On a roll of 49 or below they deal 4d8 poison damage instead.

4- Potato – Boil em, Mash em, Stick em in a stew

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