Outside of Worym

A Teleportation Circle exists on this land ! out side of Worym

Rolling hills and grasslands characterize this area. Large herds of cattle, sheep and goats migrate to this land and farms rich with grain can be seen dotting the countryside in the summer months.

Plains Encounter Table. For every 1 Hour spent in the Plains, roll 1d6.

1: 1d2 dire vultures circle overhead and attack any party of less than 3 people.

2: 1d4 rabbits run back to their burrow to hide. (animal handling dc16 to tame)

3: You find a farmstead slowly being rebuilt. The people who live there are friendly and offer you a place to stay for the night.

4: A rogue lion has been stalking you for a while and now he makes his attack.

5: a single shady tree where you can take a short rest.

6: A wild axe beak running through the grass. (animal handling dc20 to take. )

7: An abandoned building with a strange herb growing within. (survival dc10 to harvest. Strange herb, can be rubbed on someone who was petrified within 24 hours to reverse the condition.)

8: a Gorgon stalking the countryside attacking anyone it sees.

Plains Hunting table, Survival check DC 15. Roll 1d6.

1: 1d2 Lions

2: 1d2 Giant Elk

3: 1d2 Twig Blights

4: 1d4 Wolves

5: 1d2 Giant Eagle

6: 1d2 Axe beaks

Plains Harvest table, Nature check DC 15. Roll 1d4

1: 1d2 Fire Root worth 6 Gp each

2: 1d4 Ground Mint (Heals 1 Hp)

3: 1d2 Wild Lettuce

4: 1d2 Swarms of Insects (Bees) (Combat)

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