Player Lands 20

Upon entering this section of the moors, the fog lifts, and the air is filled with an odd sweet smell, a magical buzz seems to emanate from the area, and faint music can be heard.

Dire Moors Encounter Table – for every hour spent in the dire moors not hunting, roll from the following table to see what hunts you.

Dire Moors Encounter Table- 1d6

1- Nothing

2 – 2d6+3 pixies are spotted up ahead, seeming to be the source of the music, surrounding an odd ramshackle staircase leading up to nowhere, moss and vines dangling off of it . Characters who can succeed a persuasion check dc(14) can befriend the pixies, who will let you rest here safely and give you 1d4 good berries. If you fail this check the pixies turn invisible and flee.

3-  A ramshackle stair case is found, magical energy seeping off from it, if one travels up the stair case they are transported through a dazzling dream world (the Feywild?) they wake up 2 hours later, with one one magic item in their inventory (worth at least 5gp and no more than 25) missing and in its place a small doll made out of twigs with a large chestnut for a head.

4- you find the body of a giant elk which appears to have been mauled to death.

5- A pack of ravens follows you squawking loudly (disadvantage on stealth for 1 hour)

6- You find an abandoned dire wolf pup animal handling dc15 to tame it.

Hunting in the dire moors- in order to hunt in the dire moors, roll a survival check and compare your results to the following chart. You will notice that low rolls result in being attacked by a gigantic pack of dire wolves so don’t die.

Diremoors Hunting Table

Survival Check

Roll – Encounter

1-5 – A pack of 2d6 Dire wolves

5-10 – A flock of 2d4 Dire Vultures

10-13 – 1 Giant Boar

14-15 1 OwlBear

16-17 1 Dire wolverine

18-20 1 Dire Tiger

DireMoors Harvest table, Nature check DC 15. Roll 1d4

1: 1d2 Fire Root worth 6 Gp each

2: 1d4 Ground Mint (Heals 1 Hp)

3: 1d2 Torch Weed (works as a torch)

4: 1d2 Swarm of Bats

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