White Hold, also called Salt Town.

White hold is the name of an ancient castle built during the age of legend at the southernmost edge of indel. Its huge turrets rise defiantly from the rocky coastline and a massive dock sprawl in their shadow. The brown that thrives under the castle is referred to as salt town by the locals and is a mixture of the people of indel, and other groups from far off lands coming off the innumerable boats in the harber. 

The port of salt town is among the busiest in the world and travelers, traders and merchants are always making their way through the deep water harbor on one of the many ships that port there. A multitude of multicolored sails fill the harbor under the stark white towers of the castle on any given day. 


1: a group of sailors drunk in the street. 

2: a priestess and her congregation worshiping exitor in a public square. 

3: two guards try to subdue a minotaur who is in a rage. (persuasion or intimidation dc15 to help them. Otherwise they kill him. If you succeed he gives you a *Minotaurs Trinket* (a lock of hair tied around a heavy silver bead) and tells you that it will come in handy someday. 

4: a group of merchants in a hurry to get to their ship. They ask you to help them carry their bags, if you agree and can get them to the dock on time (dc17 athletics check) they reward you with 1d0X10 gold! 

5: a seagull with a hurt wing. (animal handling dc15 to tame, medicine dc15 to nurse back to health) 

6: a group of local commoners who look at you with curiosity. 

Merchants- The merchants here pay a premium for good found in far off lands and if you have what they are looking for and how much they will pay for them! 

This week they are buying- 

Black Apples – 10gp

QuickSilver root – 50gp

Nearsighted Frog. -100gp

Salt town is a hub of trade and magical items can be purchased and sold here worth up to 10,000 gp. 

Spice traders from Keshar and hunters and woodsmen from Sheywen commingle in this massive urban sprawl. 

Many of the shops in salt town are little more than run down wooden shacks, hastily built to store goods for the merchants guild and rented out to whomever would pay a few gold pieces. Finding a room in the harbor is cheap, only 2gp a night, but many choose to stay at The Paradise, a local inn. 

The Paradise- 

The Paradise is the name of the most popular inn in Salt Town, this decommissioned ship has been rebuilt into a three story establishment with multiple bedrooms and private dining areas. The owner of the paradise is Captain Cully, a retired Indel naval officer who crashed the ship here originally during the Kesharian civil war. Captain Cully is a red haired human with one eye and he takes great pride in telling the tale of how he crashed the ship that became in inn while running it through a blockade that had beseech the harbor, bringing in supplies that helped turn the tide of the battle. 

A room in the paradise costs 5gp and comes with a meal of clam chowder, a bed, and as much grog as you can drink. 

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