Road Encounter Table Roll 1d20

1: A group of caravans from the merchants guild carrying spices worth 1d20x100 gp. Guarded by 1d6+2 knights, 1d2 assassins, 1d2 mages and a single hill giant. Will automatically attack anyone who appears aggressive and does not announce themselves and friends (persuasion , or deception dc13 to fool them and get a surprise round if you plan to attack, if you do not plan to attack no roll is necessary and they ignore you)
2: A small farmhouse bringing in the last of the harvest before winter. They offer you food and a place to rest, and stables for your animals.
3: 1d4 bandits, wearing green scarves and calling themselves the beatdown Bullies
4: A winter wolf hiding in a snow drift. attacks any group of 3 or less.
5: A traveling bazaar full of strange and colorful merchants.
6: A freezing wind storm descends from the heavens covering the ground with frost. Slows travel by one hour.
7: A traveling priest of Vangalor dressed in black robes and carrying an ancient human skull clad in silver as a holy symbol. Will cast cure wounds on anyone in need of healing and refuses to take payment in return.
8: 1d4+1 Bandits and 1d2 Bandit Captains who have been reeducated and introduced back into society. They are busy rebuilding a small farmstead and ignore those who pass for the most part. Some of them wave in a friendly manner.
9: A beautiful view of the countryside.
10: A roadside vegetable stand selling apples for 2sp each.
11: A group of priests of Vangalor heading towards the ruins of castle Algar. will let anyone who wishes travel safely with them to their destination.
12: A traveling fortune teller, she will read your palm for 5gp and warn you of future challenges with a cryptic message (gives advantage on the next skill check or attack roll)
13: A Dire Wolf Looking for a Kill.
14: An Abandoned stone building, possibly an old battlement. a safe place to rest (long or short) , and with a successful dc15 investigation check you find a hidden compartment with 1d12 +1 ammunition (Your choice)
15: 1d8 commoners bringing in the last of the harvest before winter, their cart is stuck in the mud, anyone who can pass an athletics dc15 to help them push it out will be rewarded with 5gp and a hot cup of tea.
16: Several ex bandits camping off the side of the road as they travel, will not attack and will share their fire with anyone who asks to have a rest.
17: A giant eagle flies overhead (will not attack unless provoked)
18: A group of 1d4+2 mud mephits causing delays along the road and hurling globs of dirt at travelers.
19: A thick mist obscures the way, slowing travel by 4 miles.
20: A herd of sheep slowly crosses the path. .

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