Characters that travel long distances by air may encounter some of the many dangers that dwell in the skies above Aldearia. . For every 12 miles traveled by air, roll from the following table to see what you encounter. Stealth may not be used while flying.
1- A Swarm of 3d4 Sturges come out of nowhere.
2- 1d4+1 Wyverns Hunting in a Pack.
3- 1d4 Air Elementals descending from the clouds.
4- A patch of clouds and turbulence (Travel Distance is Reduced by 5 mines)
6- A murder of ravens cawing loudly as they pass you by.
7- You are struck by a bolt of lightning out of a clear sky (Dex save dc14 , 8d6 lighting damage , take half damage on a successful save)
8- A beautiful view of the land below.
9- 1d2 Manticores courting in the skies
10- A double rainbow. No one knows what it means. (Gain the effects of the bless spell for the next hour)
11- A Falcon follows you curiously (Animal Handling dc15 to tame)
12- An Adult black dragon is nearby . Roll 1d100, on a roll of 63 or higher it spots you and attacks.

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