Player Land 36

A vast expanse of wilderness, all autumnal trees and dense underbrush. Immense creatures roam this wild place, far from the safety of the town.
Forest Encounter Table. For every 1 Hour spent in the Forest, roll 1d6.
1: A Giant Boar moves out of the treeline, looking for trespassers on its territory
2: A Giant Elk moving parallel to the treeline, aggressive if approached
3: The tree you were next to turns out to be an Awakened Tree
4: A winter wolf out for a hunt. Attacks anyone it comes across.
5: A Dryad emerges from a tree as an earth elemental rises from the ground; they attack you if you are Perfect (the character) and do not appear for anyone else.
6: A white fox rushing back to its lair. (harmless)

7-8: A herd of 1d8 deer wearing brightly colored collars are grazing nearby.
Forest Hunting table, Survival check DC 20. Roll 1d6.
1: 1d2 Giant Boars
2: 1d2 Giant Elk
3: 1d2 Awakened Trees
4: 1d2 winter wolves
5: 1d2 Griffons
6: 1d2 Giant Constrictor Snakes
Forest Harvest table, Nature check DC 15. Roll 1d6.
1: 1d2 Dazzling Orchids worth 10 Gp each
2: 1d2 Satisfying Fruit (Heals 1d2 Hp)
3: 1d2 lbs of Honey Comb worth 10 Gp per lb
4: 1d2 Swarms of Insects (Bees) (Combat)
5: 1d2 Sinister Blossoms worth 10 Gp each
6: 1d2 Energizing Mushrooms (Heals 1d2 Hp)

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