Scouting Lands

Plains Encounter Table. For every 1 Hour spent in the Plains, roll 1d8.
1: 1d4 giant vultures circle overhead and attack any party of less than 3 people.
2: You come across a cave that has a strange red mist inside. If it is night, the mist comes out and attacks. If it is day, the mist waits for you to enter. 1d2 vampiric mists can be found inside, guarding an old coffin with 1d10*2 platinum pieces left inside.)
3: You find a farmstead fully rebuilt . The farmers are friendly and offer food and rest to anyone who comes by peacefully.
4: 1d2+1 rogue lionesses (lions) have been stalking you for a while and now they make their attack. If slain, it is revealed that a baby lion cub was watching nearby trying to learn how to hunt. DC 20 animal handling check to tame. Only one check is allowed, if the check fails, the cub runs away.
5: a single shady tree where you can take a short rest.
6: A wild axe beak running through the grass. (animal handling dc20 to take. )
7:1d4 Ogres are fighting a group of 1d4 guards and 1d4 zombies. The guards and zombies are wearing similar equipment and have a flag with a dragon with backwards wings biting a broken wolf. They seem to be fighting together to take down the Ogres. If the player(s) help them defeat the Ogres, the band tells them that they are volunteers helping to defend their land and thank the adventurer’s for their help. The band gives the players a Black Apple and 1 Fire Root per guard and zombie rolled. Any zombies or guards that have died can be taken back to the Argent Tower or the Ruins of Algar where the garrison will happily take the bodies and give 1 Fire Root per body brought returned.
8: 2d6 Skeleton Riders (skeletons riding warhorses) spot the party on the road. They carry a banner that has a dragon with backwards wings biting a broken wolf. The Skeleton Riders are friendly and wave the party down for some questions. It appears they are scouting the area, making notes of dangerous monsters and creatures that could attack people. The Riders cannot speak but use signs and writtings to communicate. If the party has already had an encounter here and they give the Skeleton Riders information about that encounter, the Skeleton Riders reward each party member with 1d6gp.

Plains Hunting table, Survival check DC 15. Roll 1d6.
1: 1d2 Lions
2: 1d2 Giant Elk
3: 1d2 Twig Blights
4: 1d4 Wolves
5: 1d2 Giant Eagle
6: 1d2 Axe beaks
Plains Harvest table, Nature check DC 15. Roll 1d4
1: 1d2 Fire Root worth 6 Gp each
2: 1d4 Ground Mint (Heals 1 Hp)
3: 1d2 Wild Lettuce
4: 1d2 Swarms of Insects (Bees) (combat)

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