Peaceful Prairie

Rolling hills with gentle curves fill the landscape, wild animals here seem less scared than usual.
Peaceful Prarie Encounter Table. For every 1 Hour spent here, roll 1d8.
1: Roll a d2. On a 1 a red dragon wyrmling attacks. On a 2 you find 2 red dragon scales, each worth 6gp.
2: You encounter a firbolg that seems to be scouting the land out, he is accompanied by dozens of rabbits. He will let you take a short rest and keep an eye out for you.
3: You find a farmstead fully rebuilt . The farmers are friendly and offer food and rest to anyone who comes by peacefully.
4: You come across a small cave, inside are 1d3 Chokers guarding a chest of 3d20 gold.
5: a single shady tree where you can take a short rest.
6: A wild axe beak running through the grass. (animal handling dc20 to tame.)
7: A Nyxborn Lynx is found wandering the area (Animal Handling DC16 to tame)
8: Roll a d4, on 1-3 you find that many red dragon scales worth 6 gold each. On a 4 a red dragon wyrmling comes out to attack (Retcon all gold dragon wyrmling encounters to have been red dragon wyrmlings. Dnd beyond was not showing any other dragons when this page was originally made. Sorry Mungen!)

Plains Hunting table, Survival check DC 15. Roll 1d6.
1: 1d2 Lions
2: 1d2 Giant Elk
3: 1d2 Twig Blights
4: 1d6 Wolves
5: 1d4Giant Eagle
6: 1d6 Axe beaks

Plains Harvest table, Nature check DC 15. Roll 1d4
1: 1d2 Red Dragon Scales worth 6 Gp each
2: 1d6 Ground Mint (Heals 1 Hp)
3: 1d2 Wild Lettuce
4: 1d4 Fire Root worth 6gp each

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