Buhru Island

This is a small island surrounded by calm seas!

This island contains The Lady Bird! to travel to it click here!

Plains Encounter Table. For every 1 Hour spent in the Plains, roll 1d6.
1: 1d2 dire vultures circle overhead and attack any party of less than 3 people.
2: 1d4 rabbits run back to their burrow to hide. (animal handling dc16 to tame)
3: You find a farmstead fully rebuilt . The farmers are friendly and offer food and rest to anyone who comes by peacefully.
4: A rogue lion has been stalking you for a while and now he makes his attack. -> 4: A band of 1d4 Nagakabouros Acolytes and a Priest of Nagakabouros walk by. Roll a persuasion check of dc 12 to see if they will spare some healing (1 cure wound per party member). If you fail this check by 5 or more, they decide to test you (Combat, but won’t actively kill anyone)
5: a single shady tree where you can take a short rest.
6: A wild axe beak running through the grass. (animal handling dc20 to take. )

7-8:  Make a DC 10 Intelligence (Investigation) check. On a failure, the creature has misplaced one possession (chosen by the player, if the creature is that player’s character). The possession remains nearby but concealed for a short time, so it can be recovered with a successful DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check.
Plains Hunting table, Survival check DC 15. Roll 1d6.
1: 1 Giant Scorpion
2: 1d2 Giant Elk
3: 1d2 Twig Blights
4: 1d4 Wolves
5: 1d2 Giant Eagle
6: 1d2 Axe beaks
Plains Harvest table, Nature check DC 15. Roll 1d4
1: 1d2 Fire Root worth 6 Gp each
2: 1d4 Ground Mint (Heals 1 Hp)
3: 1d2 Wild Lettuce
4: 2d4+1 Giant Fire Beetles


The Cold Sea is aptly named, as its waters are frigid all year long and a cold wind seems to always blow in from the east. The area is full of icebergs and small rocky islands which jut up from the dark waters threatening to sink any ships who dare go into its waters. The area serves as a hiding place for pirates and monsters alike.
Cold Sea Encounter Table
1- An air elemental attacks the ship
2- a water elemental attacks the ship
3- A storm knocks the ship off course (one hour travel)
4- An iceberg forces you to change course. Roll Again.
5- Choppy seas and a wind storm. 1d2 air elementals descend from the clouds and attack.
6- roll 1d100 , on a roll of 100 a Kraken appears and attacks.
7- A dense fog surrounds the ship. Roll Again.
8- An intense current pulls the ship out to sea and takes 1d4 hours to travel back.
9-10 Nagakabouros (Morkoth) surfaces. If you’ve lost something, you can make a dc 15 Charisma check, and he will return the item

Deep Sea fishing table/ Survival dc15
|1| A large Tuna – (str save dc15 or lose the tuna to the sea) wort 50gp
|2|a bright colored sunfish (worth 50gp)
|3| Nothing
|4| A Golden Herring – (worth 100gp)
|5| A giant sea snake (attacks, use giant venomous snake stat block)
|6| A blood red eel – (worth 150 gp )
|7| An emerald green manta (worth 200gp)
|8| 1d4 merrow attacks the ship.
|9| an elegant silver shrimp (worth 500gp)
|10| A giant shark (attacks)

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