Farms, Shops, and Houses

Farms and Shops and Houses update! 

Farms shops and houses can only be put on owned lands, to add shops houses of keeps to your land go here to manage your lands go here

If you want to get some lands, there are many give always at the live games, or you can get some by donating here or being signed up to the patreon on the next land rush coming on February 1rst.

Farms and shops can now be placed on your hexes on the map and they can be bought for the following prices! They can be bought with ARK or GP. 


House- 20k     





Teleportation Circle-75k



This is a small homestead belonging to a character, when the owner of this cabin is on this hex they can bypass rolling encounters and travel directly to their cabin for a rest. (create a thread for your cabin). This small homestead is underdeveloped and requires little upkeep, however, it can only accommodate 2 people. 


This is a full house, made of sturdy material with multiple rooms. The owner of this cabin is on this hex; they can bypass rolling encounters and travel directly to their cabin for a rest. Up to 5 people can live in a house but it requires services such as hauling in water and food, bedding, and so forth so unless an upkeep price of 50gp is paid each month it will fall into disarray.


This is a productive farm, inhabited by farmers. Here the farmers work the land and raise livestock. Each Farm produces a base 50 gold per month plus a bonus based on activity. Farms are made 

NPS Shops

You simply pay a fee to the following chart and allow the shop to sell a certain category of non magical items. 

Modest inventory (5k) – non magic items worth less than 25gp base income of 100 gp per month

Normal Inventory (10k)- non magic items worth less than 50gp base income of 200 gp per month

Nice inventory (15k)- non magic items worth less than 100gp base income of 500 gp per month

Great inventory(20k)- non magic items worth less than 500gp base income of 1000 gp per month

Fine Inventory(50k)- non magic items worth less than 1000gp base income of 2,500 gp per month. 

Masterful Inventory(100k)- non magic items worth less than 2,500gp base income of 3,500 gp per month. 

It is assumed that each month the npc owner of the shop spends the necessary money to restock the store, and the remaining money is received monthly by the owner of the shop on the 1rst of each month. 

Player Run Shops

A player run shop is a shop which is run literally by a player without an NPC working there. A player shop can sell magic items the character has bought with ARC points. Players must actually buy the magic items they sell with Arc farmed from encounters. 

Characters can also sell services , such as teleportation spells , ship rides, or selling handmade goods. You can sell anything you want here that your character can do and you set the prices you want, but you must physically be there to do it. 

Player run shops have no base pay, but you literally receive payment at the time you render your services or sell a magic item. 

When setting up your player run shop, make sure to include contact instructions and such if you want people to @you for your services.


An inn is a safe place for all to rest , it provides food and beds for those who are in need. Adventurers congregate in these places so they can rest for the night and get basic accommodations. Inns bring in a basic income of 200gp per month, and receive a higher bonus for activity than other shops. 


A temple when built on a town can offer resurrections, true resurrections, healing, and the removal of curses and diseases for only the cost of spell components.  These establishments do not take in income but they do receive a bonus based on activity monthly. 

Teleportation Circle

This is a small building with a teleportation circle manned by a lone wizard who controls it. This teleportation circle can teleport to any other known Teleportation circle in Aldearia. To teleport to a teleportation circle you must know it exists. There is no list. You have to literally know it’s there. All teleportation circles cost 50gp to operate and have a base income of 50gp and receive an additional bonus based on activity. 


This is a castle, with fortifications and defenses. Up to a hundred people can live in a Castle, including soldiers, servants, cooks and the like. A keep has an upkeep cost of 500gp. A keeps reach can extend beyond its walls and the security it provides is enjoyed by all in the region. All farms and NPC shops in the same hex as a castle produce double the base rewards that they normally would. Castles can only be built in towns. Multiple castles built on the same hex do not stack.  Castles have an upkeep cost of 500gp per month.


Players of the Lody and Lady tier or higher who have their own discord channels can create a town. This town will show up on the world map and will be labeled. A town can have multiple Shops , farms, castles, and the like. The owner of a town may accept gp from others who may not own land to build structures for them in the town, with whatever mark up they desire. 

A town can have a maximum of 10 structures. 


Cities are sprawling urban areas with many shops and homes, these places can be miles wide with multiple castles and many adventures to be had. When two or more towns are adjacent to one another they become a city and all of the shops , farms, and inns on those hexes are multiplied by 2. (if those towns have castles already , they are multiplied by three instead of 2)

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