Caravan Camps

Outside the city proper, nestled between fir trees just off the muddy, heavily rutted dirt roads are a number of transient campsites in use by travelers and trading caravans.

Camp Site encounters, Outer Sheywen (For every hour spent at the camps, roll 1d4)

1: 1d6+1 Commoners traveling into Sheywen looking for work
2: 1d4 Half-Elf Hunters (Scouts) visiting for personal reasons
3: 1d4 Merchants with 1d6+1 Caravan Guards resting before continuing further
4: 1d6+1 Dwarven Lumberjacks preparing for a survey mission 
Camp Site encounters (Night), Outer Sheywen (For every hour spent at the camps at night, roll 1d4)

1: 1d41 Commoners resting here for the night 
2: 1d4 Half-Elf Hunters (Scouts) butchering 1d4 Deer
3: 1d4+1 Human Trappers (Scouts) butchering 1d2 Brown Bears
4: 1d4 Bandits with 1d2 Bandit Captains splitting up 1d10x10 Gold or Stolen Goods (roll 1d2, 1: Gold, 2: Goods)

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