Castle Indel


The castle is a massive structure made long ago with a powerful lost magic, its giant towers loom over the countryside. This ancient form of stonework is enchanted to perpetually grow like a giant tree. The massive size and scale of the castle show its age , and its spire rises high above the countryside visible for miles around. Innumerable chambers make up its outer walls which seem to encroach on the surrounding town as if threatening to over take it. 

The castle is occupied by the numerous lords of the kind of indels court and their families and the halls of the outer walls are integrated into the city that has grown up around them. Those who choose to wonder though he halls for an hour or more roll from the castle encounter tables. 

Castle encounter- 1d6

1| a group of nobles walking into town. They look at you cautiously as they pass and refuse to speak to you. 
2| 1d4 guards on patrol, will harass anyone who has less than 200gp. (deception, persuasion, or intimidation dc13 to avoid or else they force you to leave)
3| you see the ghost of an old man holding an octopus for a split second before it disappears. 
4| nothing. 
5-6| You stumble upon an entrance to the catacombs. 

Entering Town

Castle indel is the capital of the country of Indel and is ruled over by king Henry and his wife Sabatha. The king is well known to be lawful, good aligned and a devout worshiper of the god of light Exitor . The castle is built at the foot of the mountains at the mouth of a small spring which becomes a creek and runs to the south. In Front of the castle is a guard post which is manned at all times. Roll to see what you encounter at the guard tower when you enter town.

Guard Tower | 1d8

1| 1d4 guards standing watch over the entrance to town, they don’t question you.
2| 1d4 guards standing watch over the entrance to town, they question you when you approach (stealth dc10 to avoid ) they harass you with questions about where you are going. (persuasion, deception, or intimidation dc10 to get them to let you go otherwise they charge you 10 gp to let you go .) 
3| 1d2 knights stand outside arguing with some merchants. 
4| A group of knights nervously awaiting the kings arrival . 
5| A group of villagers boarding up the windows to their homes and looking around nervously. 
6| A pile of rubble that has been removed from the inn that was destroyed is being piles up outside of town. 
7| A knight questions anyone who can cast a 2nd level spell or above on why they are entering the city and attempts to turn them away . (stealth dc15 to avoid, deceptions, intimidation, or persuasion 1d15 to talk your way out of it, or else he turns you away. )
8| a brightly colored lizard watches you from the windowsill of the guards tower while the guards seem to be on break. Animal handling dc13 to tame.

The King 

Those who want to see the king will be met outside the throne room by his assistant Pip, who will take down their names and assure them that the king will get back to them, as soon as he returns from his hunting trip in the mosswood.

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