The area under the castle is an ancient labyrinth of tunnels thousands of years old. No one knows how deep they go and most of the entrances have been blocked off. Those who look carefully or happen upon one by sheer luck can explore the catacombs beneath. 

New entrances to the catacombs are always popping up and closing as the enchanted castle walls seem to move and shift when no one is looking.  The catacombs are always moving and happening upon one is mostly a matter of luck but those who can spend time looking and pass a successful investigation check dc18 can find an entrance without fail. 

When you enter the catacombs roll to see which type of chamber you enter.

1- hallway
2- cross roads
3- gallery
4- temple
5- camp
6- cave in
7- nest
8- pit
9- flooded chamber 
10- dead end. 

 If a chamber states that you must turn back, then you must return to the surface and enter the catacombs from another route to proceed, unless you have rolled a crossroads previously, in which case you may pursue 2 more routes. 

Hallway – this hall is 4d10x5 ft long and 10 ft wide. Both sides of the stone passage contain alcoves in which ancient bodies lay. Those who dare to search the ancient dead may roll an investigation check and are rewarded based on the following table. The dc for this investigation check is 10+2d6. 

Investigation check – 1d4

1 -nothing
2– 1d2 gemstones worth 25gp 
3 1d10 ancient platinum coins 
4 a long forgotten scroll containing an ancient but unreadable spell (50 experience points) 

The end of the hallway is blocked by iron bars, some of which have been corroded by time , and others which are still strong. The dc pry opens the bars open is 10+1d10 . The iron doors can also be picked with a successful sleight of hand check dc15 done with thieves tools.


This crossroads allows you to explore 2 additional paths through the catacombs. 

This intersection of two halls may be trapped. Characters can roll perception when they approach this area, the dc for this check is 10+2d6 . On a success the party sees the traps before it is too late, otherwise they stumble into danger. 

Roll from the following chart to see which trap you get. 

Traps- 1d4

1 Fireball – Dex dc13 for half of 8d6 fire damage within  20ft range.
2 None. 
3 A trap which has long since been disabled. 
4 1 poisoned arrow flies at each character in the hall. (ranges attack +7 , 1d4+1 , on hit con save dc 14 or take 4d6 poison damage , take half damage on a save.  ) 

Gallery – This is a large rectangular chamber 60ft long and 30ft wide partially flooded with a few inches of ground water. The walls are covered in ancient mosaics detailing long lost historical events.  Roll to see what you encounter here.

Gallery encounter| 1d6

1| 1d6 Skeletons
2| 1d6 Zombies
3| 1d2 catacomb Stalkers
4| 1d2 ogre zombies
5| 1d6 Giant spiders 
6| 1d4 Grey ooze
Historical Mosaics- 1d10

1| The mozaic depicts a battle between two giants, one is wearing a crown and the other is armed with a sword . 
2| This mozaic depicts two massive armies fighting on a boody battlefield. Elves and dwarves seem to be at war. There is a massive shining star in the heavens above the battle. 
3| shows four men being given crowns, three of them can be seen clearly one has been defaced. 
4| Shows a pyramid so large it stands over a mountain and dwarfs its size, it is surrounded by flames. 
5| Shows a massive spawn of tentacles emerging from the sea. 
6| This is a depiction of the castle itself, a single tower can be seen on a hillside, surrounded by a few small trees. A dryad and a gnome stand nearby. 
7| Depicts a great hunt in the mosswood. Huge trees and boulders make up the background and as a hunter stalks a dear in the foreground. 
8| Shows a mountaintop split in half, from the massive crag lava and demons flow out. 
9| Shows a city built on the coast, three ships with white sails are in the water. 
10| a woman pouring water from a vase into a bowl of earth. 

For each historical mosaic discovered, roll a history check with a dc equal to 10+1d6+the number you rolled for the mozaic. . If you succeed you gain inspiration and an additional 50 exp. .

Temple – This ancient temple is full of treasure and also ancient denizens of a bygone age. The temple chamber is 100ft by 100ft. In the center of the room a small statue of a man wearing a hooded robe and holding a staff is constructed. Surrounding the statue are various treasures. When you enter the temple roll to see what guards the treasure. 

This is a scaled encounter- 

This is a different type of encounter table which scales depending on party size and level. To generate the encampment encounter EACH CHARACTER rolls from the table which corresponds to their level and the results are added together to produce the final encounter.

Level 1-3

1 – 1d2 zombies
2 – 1d2 skeletons
3 – 1d2 giant spiders
4 – 1 ogre zombie
Levels 4-6

1 – 1d2 animated armor
2 – 1d2 poltergeist
3 – 1d2 Catacomb Stalkers
4 – 1d2 minotaur skeleton
Levels 7-9

1 – 1d4 Catacomb Stalkers
2 – 1d2 bearded devils
3 – 1 roper
4 – 1d2 half dragon veterans 
Levels 10-15

1 – horned devil
2 – 1d4 bearded devils
3 – 1d4 intellect devourers
4 – 1 mind flayer
Levels 15-20

1 – 1d2 mind flayers
2 – 1d4 intellect devourers
3 – 1d2 pit fiend
4 – 1d2 glabrezu

Rewards- Scaled encounters rewards

How to Determine Rewards –


In order to determine which reward table to roll from, find the SUM OF ALL PLAYERS LEVELS . 

For instance if a group of adventurers level 1, 20 , and 6 the total sum of all levels is 27. 

Rewards are calculated with the following equation – 10d20xTPl x the number of people in the party.

Each character will also receive 500 EXPERIENCE POINTS for this encounter.

Parties which contain any two members who are more than 5 levels apart no longer receive rewards from ANY encounters. 

When Calculating TPL only the highest 6 character levels are counted. All additional party members do not count towards TPL. (They do still increase the difficulty of the encounter)

Pit – 

The floor here seems to open into a bottomless pit. The way seems impossible to pursue. Those without fly or climbing speeds must turn back. Those who can fly and are brave enough to explore the casm will find that it descends 500ft before ending abruptly , the floor is littered with humanoid skeletons. With a successful investigation check dc 10+1d4 then 1d10X10 pp can be found on the bodies.  Climbing down without a climb speed requires climbing gear and a successful athletics check dc20 . If the check is attempted and fails the climber falls to the bottom of the pit and takes 50d10 bludgeoning damage. 

Flooded chamber – The next 200 ft of this hall is completely submerged in murky water. Anyone who can breathe underwater can pass, those who cannot must turn back. 

Dead end – the way here ends abruptly, you must turn back.

Camp – This area of the catacombs seems to have been occupied by some other adventures in the past. A small fire ring can be seen and fresh water trickles out of a crack in one of the ancient tunnel walls. 

Cave in – 

The hall caves in on you, preventing you from passing. As the giant rocks from the ceiling fall, roll a dexterity save dc10+1d4 , on a failed save take 3d8 bludgeoning damage. 

Nest – 

This is a nest was once full of giant spiders but they have been wiped out. roll a 1d6 on a roll of a 2 or above 1d4+2 Darkmantle hid on the ceiling.  While the Darkmantle remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from a cave formation such as a stalactite or stalagmite. hand from the ceiling here hiding while the Darkmantle remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from a cave formation such as a stalactite or stalagmite. There is no way to see the Darkmantles before they attack and unless your character is immune to surprise, you are surprised the first round of combat

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