Cedar’s Crossing

!!!This area of the Sable Copse is only accessible by passing through #Cherryblossumgrove or #easternshore !!!

This is an important crossing between the western and eastern sides of the Sablecopse. Here a small river feeds the lake draining into its southern edge. The river here is around 4 feet deep usually but water conditions can vary depending on the weather. Thick mats of moss and mushrooms grow around the edges of the rivers and delightful herbs grow around the shores. The water is crystal clear and fish can be seen swimming around the downed trees that sit in the bottom of the river. 

(This requires the Monster Statistics, and is limited to Monsters listed in the Tables below)

(Monsters must utilize their FULL ability sets, battles will be reviewed)


Cedars Crossing encounter Table For every 1 Hour spent in Cedars Crossing, roll 1d6

1: 1d2 water weirds emerge from the river and attempt to drown anyone who attempts to cross.
2: Cedar the satyr emerges from the woods and is willing to trade (see satyr merchant table)
3: 1d2 giant badgers are fishing in the stream and attack anyone who comes near 
4: A Tiger stalks the shore looking for prey, will attack any group of less than 3
5: 1d2 Verdant Giant elk attack anyone who enters the area
6: 1d2 Verdant Boar Attack anyone who enters the area

Cedar the Satyrs Goods

If you encounter Cedar read the following Cedar is a friendly Sytre who watches over this crossing and will trade with friendly adventurers. He is reluctant to give out any information about the comings and goings of the forest creatures as he doesn’t want to be seen as “a spy” in his own words, but he is willing to trade with people he comes across. He offers the following unique goods. He will not buy anything however , only sell, and he refuses to haggle on prices.

Glowing Potion 20gp – Makes you glow with bright light (60ft)  for 24 hours.

Wild Tea 30gp – a mixture of wild herbs, heals 2d6hp when brewed and consumed. 

North Sablecopse Map 500gp – This is a map of the northern area of the sable copse (nanas field, cherry blossom grove, and the wilder shore anyone who has the map can make a dc10 survival check to bypass those areas) 

Central Sablecopse Hunting table, Survival check DC 15. Roll 1d6

1: 1d4 Verdant Wolf
2: 1d2 Verdant Giant Elk 
3: 1d2 Verdant Boar
4: 1d2 Verdant Bears
5: 1d2 Verdant Owlbears 
6: 1d4 Giant Spiders
Central Sablecorpse Harvest table, Nature check DC 15. Roll 1d6

1: 1d2 Bow Wort worth 15 Gp each (gives +1 bonus to ranged attack rolls for 1 hour) 
2: 1d2 Poison Mushroom (1d4 poison damage when consumed)
3: 1d6 lbs of Edible Mushrooms (1lb = 1/days rations)
4: 1d2 Medium Plant Creature (Combat)
5: 1d2 StarBurst Blossoms worth 15 Gp each 
6: 1d2 Energizing Mushrooms (Heals 1d2 Hp)
Cedars Crossing Fishing Table , Nature or Survival check DC15 Roll 1d4

1: Trout worth (5gp)
2: Silverfish  (worth 10gp)
3: Golder Swimmer (worth 15gp )
4: Giant Octopus (combat)

Air Elementals –

Two air elementals swoop down from the trees and attack, along with whatever other encounter might be here. If you defeat them both, then Cedar will give you a bronze ring. 

“Ring of Air Mephit Dispersal” is a small magical bronze ring which requires no attunement. When wearing the ring you gain the ability to command a mephit within 30ft of you to explode as an action. The Mephit must succeed a wis saving throw dc15 or be reduced to zero hp and use its death burst ability immediately. The effect cannot be used again until after your next short rest.

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