Cemetery and Temple

Cemetery and Temple

Cemetery Encounter Table

For every 1 Hour spent in the Cemetery, roll 1d4.

1: The very distinct sound of whispered prayer… but from where? There is nobody there.
2: A vision of an open grave. When you blink, it is filled and overgrown again. 
3: Someone is standing beside you, looking up at the moon. When you turn they are gone.
4: From somewhere distant comes the sound of the ocean. Of course that is impossible…
Temple Investigation Table, Investigation check DC 12, roll 1d8.

1: 1d4 small white candles 
2: 1d2 dusty bottles of wine 
3: 3d4 sheets of blank parchment
4: 1d4 forgotten copper coins
5: 1d2 vials of Holy Water
6: 2d4 sticks of incense 
7: A small loop of wooden prayer beads
8: A Creepy Doll with a White Ribbon (Once per day)
Temple Ritual Table: Religion check, DC 15. Roll 1d4. (Once per day)

1: Everyone within the Temple is Blessed for 1d4 hours.
2: Everyone within the Temple is granted 2d4 temporary Hit Points until their next Long Rest.
3: Everyone within the Temple gains Advantage on their next Saving throw.
4: Everyone within the Temple finds 3d4 strange Electrum coins in their pocket. 
Cemetery Harvest Table: Nature check, DC 11. 3d4 Pumpkins + Roll 1d6.

1: A small white flower
2: Edible greens
3: A tiny edible mushroom 
4: A bit of rubble from a tombstone
5: 2d4 tiny edible mushrooms in a ring
6: A Creepy Doll with a White Ribbon (Once per day)

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