Chip Wood

This small expanse of forest is a safe haven for wild animals in the area as it is protected by powerful ancient magic. A strange magical radiation emanates from the forest floor here and causes the trees to grow to extreme heights, nearly blocking out the sun. Strange spires of rock also jut up from the ground, full of strange metals and gems.  Monsters do not  come here and game is prevalent. However, hunting here is extremely dangerous as a group of dryads have made this place their home, attacking anyone who defiles its sanctity. Characters who can pass a nature check dc15 can find signs of the dryads and maybe even communicate with them, they will be friendly, and allow people a safe place to rest. If characters ask permission from the dryads to forage for ingredients they can roll from the harvest table, twice. (persuasion dc14 to convince the dryads)  Anyone who rolls from the harvest table without the permission of the dryads risks their wrath, as 1d4 dryads accompanied by 1d4+1 earth elementals come forth from the surrounding trees and attack. 

If the character Perfect enters the woods the dryads and earth elementals appear instantly and attack without hesitation. 

(there are no hourly encounters here, but players can roll from the harvest table and hunting table once per hour) 

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Chip Woods hunting table- survival dc10- roll 1d6

1- 1d4 elk
2- 1d4 boar
3- Brown bear
4- 1d6 wolves
5- 1 giant owl
6- 1d2 badger 

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Chip Woods Harvest Table- Survival Dc10- roll 1d6

1-Good berries (1d4)
2- Wyrm Wart- this strange looking red shrub provides resistance to fire damage to anyone who consumes it (lasts 1d4 hours)
3- Dagger root- Named for its pointy appearance this root is actually quite beneficial and when consumed as an action restors 2d8 hp, and removes one level of exhaustion. 
4- fay fountain- this small mushroom resembles a fountain or a bird feeder, when crushed and tossed in the air it shimmers and glows producing the effects of a faerie fire spell in a 10 foot radius. 
5- Dog Thistle – This small prickly plant has seeds which are renowned for their ability to cure poisons. When consumed they grant immunity to poison for 1d4 hours. 
6- Black Apple- These mysterious black apples taste and smell of black licorice. When consumed they impart a strange magic granting true sight, as well as immunity to charm spells and effects last for 1d4 hours.

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