Dense Forest Trails

!!This Area is accessible Only through woodspring-grove !!

Forest trails 

When you begin heading south in this part of the sablecopse the woods begin to get denser and thicker. Over countless years animals have carved out a labyrinth of tunnels through the brush. Navigating the network of trails is difficult and many dangerous beasts frequent the area.

Navigation – Navigating the forest trails takes 1d4 hours. Players entering the forest trails can make a survival check DC10 to reduce this travel time by 1 hour and by one additional hour for every 5 points they roll above the DC (to a minimum of 1 hour) 

Forest Trails Encounters- for each hour in the forest trails roll  1d8

1: 1d4 Minataurs searching for someone to attack 
2:  A pack of 2d4 Verdant Wolves hunting anyone they see
3: 1d2+1 Verdant Bears ready to attack
4: 1d2 Manticores hunting from manticore rock (appear 30ft in the air) 
5: 1d2 Blighted Trolls
6: 1d4 Verdant Blights 
7: A war band of lizard folk including 1d2 lizard fold shaman and 2d4 lizard folk (attack anyone they see)
8: 1 young green dragon looking for food 

Environmental Hazards

For each hour the party spends traveling through the mass of trails roll 1d6 and apply the result to the conditions of the hourly encounter.

Environmental Hazards

1 – Blinding Pollen – A golden dusting of pollen fall from the trees, it is irritating and can cause blindness. At the beginning of the encounter, all players must roll a Con save DC13 or begin combat blinded. Creatures from the sablecopse are immune to this effect.  This save can be repeated at the end of each players turn to negate the effect. On a passed save characters are immune to the pollens effects for the rest of the day. 
2 – Flooding – The area is flooded in knee deep water creating muddy ground. Walking in the flooded area is considered difficult terrain for all creatures without a fly or swim speed. 
3 – Sleep Spores – This area is covered in strange growths of bright pink and purple flowers. They grow nearly as large as your head and open releasing a dark blue mist. At the beginning of the encounter everyone must pass a Con Save dc15 or become poisoned. Characters rendered poisoned in this way are rendered Unconscious until they take damage or are shaken awake with an action. At the end of each player’s turn they can repeat the save to wake up. 
4 – Stampede – A herd of verdant boar stampedes through the ares In addition to whatever encounter rolled before add 1d6+2 Verdant Boar who are aggressive to all other players and monsters. The boar rush off after fighting for 2 rounds.
5 – Mysterious Hunter – A mysterious hunter dressed in all black stalks the party with murderous intent. (assassin stat block) The assassin attacks them at the end of the encounter when they seem weakest. He will fight until half hp and then disappear (using a powerful magic item to teleport away) 
6 – Magic Instability – Magic here is unstable, for the entire encounter any time someone casts a spell other than a cantrip roll a 1d4. 

 1 – 2 :  nothing happens, cast as normal.

3 –  : roll 1d4 and subtract that many spell levels from the casting of the spell (if you roll higher than the spell level your spell is countered and your spell slot is lost)

4 –  : roll 1d4 and the spell being cast is upcast by that many levels for free.

!!LOST HUNTER, if on lost hunter quest roll survival DC15 each hour You find the poor lost hunter laying under a tree, he will need help getting back to camp… but he seems like he will survive.

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