NPC Interaction Table, Sheywhen Farms

(Farmers refer to travelers and adventures by honorifics such as Ser and Lady unless instructed otherwise)
(Trappers will boast about their latest catch and explain that there is good hunting nearby, but that you need a license from the Game Warden in town.)
(Beekeepers are hard to hear in their suits and are usually very busy and would prefer you not disturb the bees.)
Farmer Persuasion DC 12; Will buy harvested goods for 1d2 Cp each
Beekeeper Persuasion DC 12; Will sell Honeycomb for 1 Gp per lb
Trapper Persuasion DC 12; Will sell meat for 1 Sp per lb, will buy pelts for 1d4 Sp each
Farmer Intimidation DC 12; will run away, leaving any loose implements and 1d4 SP per NPC
Beekeeper Intimidation; Beekeepers will release 1d2 Swarms of Insects each if threatened or attacked before fleeing
Trapper Intimidation; Will immediately attack if threatened (Scouts)
General Deception DC 12; will believe plausible excuses explaining strange behavior or appearances
General Insight DC 12; they all seem to watch the wood-line as if expecting the trees themselves to come alive 
Sheywen farms encounters, Sheywen Farms (For every hour spent at the farms, roll 1d4)

1: 1d4 Farmers toiling in their fields
2: 1d6+1 Goats going about their lives
3: 1d8+1 Chickens going about their lives
4: 1d2 Human Trappers (Scouts) just passing through, carrying 1d4 Deer hides 
Harvest table, Sheywen Farms (1d6): (Nature check DC 10)

1: 1d4 Onions
2: 1d6 Carrots
3: 1d2 Pumpkins
4: 1d4 Garlic bulbs
5: 1d2 Goats
6: 1d4 Chickens
Honey Wine Hives encounters, Honey Wine Hives (For every hour spent at the beehives, roll 1d4)

1: 1d4 Halfling Beekeepers in their wicker suits
2: 1d2+1 Halfling Security Guards walking the perimeter
3: 1d2 Halfling Beekeepers on break smoking pipes 
4: 1d4 Halfling Beekeepers and 1d2 Halfling Security Guards
Beehive table, Honey Wine Hives (1d4): (Animal Handling check DC 10)

1: 1d4 chunks of honeycomb
2: A swarm of infuriated bees (Swarm of Insects)
3: 1d8 chunks of honeycomb
4: 1d4 swarms of infuriated bees (Swarm of Insects)

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