Fight Pit

Fight Pit

Located in a basement in the cursed village, the fight pit is a place where violence reigns supreme. There are rules though; no killing. Sometimes these rules are waved, if both fighters agree. The dusty basement floor is speckled with blood, illuminated by torchlight, smelling of dirt, sweat, and pain.

The Training Dummy has an Armor Class of 10. The Advanced Training Dummy has an Armor Class of 15. The Master’s Training Dummy has an Armor Class of 20.

A stack of wooden crates, barrels, and bails of hay are set in the corner, used for makeshift obstacles or cover if spread around the arena. 

The Clockwork Fight Promoter 

In the corner of the Fight Pit rests a wooden crate. When knocked on three times a humanoid automaton will open the crate and begin loudly hawking their wares in a tinny, machine voice. 

The Clockwork Fight Promoter will reward Tokens to participants of PVP battles in the Fight Pit

The Clockwork Fight Promoter will reward up to 100 Tokens each day 

Winner: 10 Tokens

Loser: 5 Tokens 

Rewards (All magical items other that +1 weapons require attunement) 

+1 Simple, Martial, or Exotic weapon 100 Tokens 

Ring of Brawling (+1 Damage to Unarmed Strikes, and Unarmed Strikes count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistances) 100 Tokens

Ring of Grappling (+2 to all Skill Checks or Saves made to grapple, shove, restrain or to avoid being shoved and to break free from being grappled or restrained) 200 Tokens

Ring of Show-Biz (Advantage on all Performance checks) 200 Tokens

Ring of Quick Hands (You may take one additional Reaction that can only be used for Attacks of Opportunity using an Unarmed Strike) 300 Tokens

+2 Martial Weapon 500 Tokens

+2 Exotic Weapon 500 Tokens

+2 Simple Weapon 500 Tokens

Championship Belt of Strength (+6 Strength) 3,000 Tokens

Championship Belt of Swiftness (+30ft to all movement types the wearer already possesses) 3,000 Tokens

Championship Belt of Subtly (As long as they are conscious the wearer gains immunity to the following conditions: Restrained, Prone) 3,000 Tokens 

Fight Pit Panache Table: Performance check (Action) while in Combat, DC 11. Roll 1d4.

1: You gain a second wind from your celebration, healing 1d4 Hp
2: You demoralize your opponent, granting Advantage on your next melee attack
3: You feel filled with rage, dealing an additional 1d4 bludgeoning damage with your next attack
4: You energize everyone with your antics, healing all characters in the Fight Pit by 1d4 points 
Fight Pit Investigation Table: Investigation check, DC 15. Roll 1d4.

1: 1d4 humanoid teeth
2: 2d4 dirty Copper coins
3: A sturdy rock with an unsettling brown stain 
4: 3d4 links of broken chainmail

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