Forest Ruins

TELEPORTATION BAN: There is no teleporting of any kind into or out of the dungeon in order to escape from it. Teleportation within the same room still works, for example, Misty Step.

Hunting Table, outside of the ruins: Survival check, DC 11. Roll 1d4

1: A small rabbit 
2: Small game fowl 
3: A smallish deer 
4: A smallish boar 
Harvest Table, outside of the ruins: Nature check, DC 11. 3d4 Pumpkins + Roll 1d4

1: edible greens 
2: smallish carrots
3: some wild onion
4: ripe apples
Exploration of the forest-ruins. HOW IT WORKS:

Step 1: Locate the Entrance to the Ruins (Investigation, DC 17)
Step 2: Roll on the Forest Ruins Passage Table.
Step 3: Roll a Perception check, DC 15 for EACHcharacter entering the passage to avoid the trap. If the Perception check is failed, roll on the Trap Table and roll the appropriate Save. If the check is passed, the character proceeds safely. NOTE, traps are individual for each character, they are not area effects.
Step 4: Do this for 2 (TWO) passages. 
Step 5: At the end of the second passage, if over level 6, roll Advanced Trap. 
Step 6: Roll Encounter Table
Step 7: Roll Investigation check, DC 15 to find treasure. Roll Treasure table. Do this once for every 2 passages. 
Step 8: Roll for traps on the way out but not for encounters, and remember to carry your loot (encumbrance)

Disarming Traps is possible (REQUIRES THIEVES TOOLS). By PASSING the DC 15 Perception check you may choose to attempt to Disarm the trap at the same DC. You may then roll another Perception check for each other character in the Passage, DC 15. Upon any successes you may attempt to Disarm at the same DC. Failure triggers the trap on the character attempting to Disarm it. On success, the trap is Disarmed for the character the roll was intended for.

Forest Ruins Passage Table, Roll 1d10

1: A dark crumbling tunnel of damp stone 
2: A tunnel of mosaic tiles showing scenes of great battle
3: A high ceilinged passage with intricate mouldings
4: Wooden slat walls, lacquered with a clear coat of gloss 
5: Megalithic stone slabs, decorated with primitive pictographs of humanoids
6: A slime coated, curving passage that seems to be made of organic material
7: Sandstone blocks with brilliant blue tiles on the floor 
8: A semi-flooded passage, ankle deep with dirty water 
9: The walls of the passage are a dense, greenish black metal (Adamantine)
10: Bamboo walls tied together with wire

In each Passage, roll from Trap Table below 

Forest Ruins Trap Table, Roll 1d

EACH character in the Passage rolls a Perception check, DC 15. On failure:

1: Floor spikes spring up under you, Dexterity save DC 15 or 6d6 piercing damage
2: The ceiling collapses on you, Dexterity save DC 15 or 6d6 bludgeoning damage
3: Dart launchers in the walls pepper you, Dexterity save DC 15 or 6d6 poison damage 
4: Giant blades fall onto you from overhead, Dexterity save DC 15 or 6d6 slashing damage
5: Flames burst from floor below you, Dexterity save DC 15 or 6d6 fire damage
6: Explosive floor tiles detonate under you, Dexterity save DC 15 or 6d6 force damage
7: A Eldritch tone sounds in your ear, Wisdom save, DC 15 or 6d6 psychic damage
8: A terrible vision haunts you, Charisma save, DC 15 or 6d6 psychic damage
9: A blast of wind from above, Strength save, DC 15 or 6d6 bludgeoning damage
10: A dazzling pattern flashes at you, Intelligence save, DC 15 or 6d6 psychic damage 
11: An eruption of thick toxic gas engulfs you, Constitution save, DC 15, or 6d6 poison damage dazzling pattern flashes at you, Intelligence save, DC 15 or 6d6 psychic damage 
12: A geyser of ectoplasm bursts under you, Charisma save, DC 15, or 6d6 necrotic damage

All Traps target the 5 ft. square occupied by the character who failed their save

Advanced Trap Table (if Level 6 or higher), Perception check DC 20 or roll 1d4 (Once every 2 passages, in addition to the normally encountered Traps.)(If level 12 or higher all traps do double damage)

1: The ceiling collapses as a gout of flame bursts up from under you (Dexterity save, DC 20 or take 4d6 Bludgeoning damage and 4d6 Fire damage)(Save for Half)
2: A flurry of poisonous darts from all directions as a cloud of acid engulfs you (Constitution save, DC 20 or take 4d6 Poison damage and 4d6 Acid damage)(Save for Half)
3: A powerful psionic blast as spectral hands rake across your body (Charisma save, DC 20 or take 4d6 Psychic damage and 4d6 Necrotic damage)(Save for Half)
Forest Ruins Encounter Table (For every 2 Passages, roll 1d4 before Investigating for Treasure)

1: 1d2 Animated Armors step from recesses in the walls 
2: 1d4 Flying Swords fly up from a weapon rack 
3: 1d2 Rugs of Smothering laying still on the floor 
4: A Clay Golem decorated with humanoid skulls (Always allows escape, unless Berserk)


ALSO: Ruling for breaking into the chests. Magical (+1 or better) or Adamantine weapons can be used to crack open the chests. You look up the Material, which determines the AC. Small and Medium chests have 3d6 HP, Large chests have 5d6 HP. Copper counts as Iron. Mundane weapons will not work for this task.

Substance AC is an Image

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