Gobblecrack – 

Nestled at the foot of the silent heights, goggle crack is built right next to a massive sheer cliff which falls directly down into the cold sea. The area is prone to storms and harsh weather and it’s a wonder anyone decides to live here at all, despite the inhospitable nature of the area a small town still stands in the shadow of the giant mountain range. The settlement is small and understated, with thatched roof building tucked away between the trees. People here live a simple life of isolation, without much as far as natural resources they are mostly left alone, and rely on hunting and farming the land around the village to take care of themselves. People from Gobblecrack take care of themselves, and are not too friendly to outsiders. Goggle Crack hosts a large population of half orcs and goblins living among the other citizens there, and due to their proximity to the silent heights trade with the orcish tribes nearby is not unheard of.

Gobblecrakc points of interest:

The Road House –

Serving as the town’s only inn, bar, and town hall, it is usually the most busy place in Gobblecrack on any given night. Nearly all of the population gathers here to drink, eat, and meet with travelers who might be passing through. Players can get a room here for 5gp, and food and drink are free to anyone who can pass a check (persuasion , deception , or intimidation dc10 ) to earn the trust of the townspeople. 

Gogglecrack Encounter Table 1d6

1- A few hunters miners covered in dust, heading down from the silent heights. 
2- a beggar asking for a coin
3- a weasel from the forest investigates you (animal handling dc13 to tame)
4- a group of friendly hunters 
5- some children playing in the village green 
6- 1d4 awakened trees charge into town from the chip wood destroying buildings and attacking anyone they see sent by vengeful dryads.

Gobblecrack Market! –

Gobblecrack has begun to grow and developed its own market! non-magic items worth less than 50gp can be purchased or sold here as well as fish, herbs, and meat! . Meat Prices (per pound)(10pounds max) –

Unlisted- 5sp
Vermin- 1gp
Undead- 1gp
Animal- 3gp
Beast- 5gp 
Monstrosity- 6gp
Aberration- 10gp
Giant- 15gp
Dragon- 20gp

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