Hide Out


Only accessible via the trap doors hidden in grymnirs-workshop and the rustic-village

The Witch’s Hideout is located in a subterranean chamber under the village. Once used by the Cult of Shadowvale as their base of operations for resurrecting the Pumpkin Witch, it is now silent and available for use by the liberators of the village. A Teleportation Circle, a Magical Cauldron, a strange Talking Board, and countless nooks, crannies, and crates which may even still contain strange artifacts from the previous occupants.

Witch Hideout Investigation table, DC 12. Roll 1d6

1: A filthy Creepy Doll, ribbon black and tattered 
2: 1d2 sinister black mushrooms (Poison, DC 13, 3d6 damage)
3: 1d2 decciscated humanoid eyeballs 
4: 1d2 mummified humanoid fingers 
5: A Scroll of “Protection from Good” written on humanoid skin 
6: A pale leather pouch filled with 10d10x10 Electrum pieces

Magical Cauldron 

The Magical Cauldron requires a Religion or Arcana check DC 20 activate the Cauldron and temporarily attune it to the user, allowing for it to be used for the next 24 hours. This temporarily takes up an attunement slot as long as the Cauldron is active.

While temporarily attuned to the Magical Cauldron the user can activate ONE of the following effects ONCE per 24 hours:

Conjure a number of Imps equal to your level for 1d4 hours. These Imps take the form of small Rabbits initially, and will serve you as Familiars for the duration of the effect, after which time they vanish. 

Temporarily take possession of an Awakened Pumpkin anywhere within Shadowvale for up to 24 hours while your body remains by the Cauldron. If the Awakened Pumpkin is destroyed the effect is immediately canceled. If the body receives more than 5 damage in a single turn the effect is immediately canceled. The effect may be immediately canceled at any time by the user. While in control of the Awakened Pumpkin the user retains all their mental stats, but uses all physical stats of the Pumpkin. They can see whatever the pumpkin sees (30ft darkvision) and hear everything in the immediate area with a successful Perception check. 

Submerging a medium sized humanoid in the Cauldron entirely will act as a True Polymorph spell, transforming them into a Deer, Boar, Cat, or Crow permanently or until the effect is broken by a Dispel Magic spell or similar effect.

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