Honeywell Inn

Across the Plaza is the Honeywell Inn, a meadery owned by the Honeywine family. A warm wooden building with large barrels in the back and around the side. The signage is all in a yellow painted bee motif. They rent rooms, sell very good mead, and have a fairly popular kitchen from which they serve a goat and pumpkin stew sweetened with honey that is a local delicacy. 

The Honeywell is decorated as well, the normal yellow decorations joined by sashes of fuchsia and cyan, with banners depicting the Crest of Sheywen.

when you enter the Honeywell inn, roll twice from the inn encounters table, and again for each hour spent in the inn.

Honeywell Inn Encounters 1d8

(roll at least twice every hour, reroll duplicates):

1: 1d4 Halfling beekeepers, eating a large dinner 
2: 1d6 Human travelers from algar, drinking mead
3: 1d4 elven travelers from westwood, drinking wine
4: 1d4 Dwarven Lumberjacks from shadowvale, drinking mead 
5: 1d2 Half-Elven Rangers, drinking tea
6: 1d2 Merchants drinking mead with 1d4 Caravan Guards
7: 1d2 Oddly dressed travelers (Black Market customers), waiting for someone
8: 1d2 Off duty Sheywen City Watch (Guards), drinking mead

1: 1d4 Halfling beekeepers, eating a large dinner 

2: 1d6 Human travelers, drinking mead

2: 1d6 Human travelers, drinking mead

4: 1d4 Dwarven Lumberjacks, drinking mead 

5: 1d2 Half-Elven Rangers, drinking tea

6: 1d2 Merchants drinking mead with 1d4 Caravan Guards

7: 1d2 Oddly dressed travelers (Black Market customers), waiting for someone

8: 1d2 Off duty Sheywen City Watch (Guards), drinking mead

A room for the night at the Honeywell inn is 1 Gp

On the Wall a list of rules is posted.

Rules of Sheywen, and Shadowvale to Follow in Order to Survive

#1 Don’t go anywhere alone, if it can be helped.

#2 Know what you’re up against. If you don’t know what you’re up against, find someone who does.

#3 Infighting is handled in the fight pit in Shadowvale, monitored by someone that can heal.

#4 If you see something out of the ordinary, notify one or more people before investigating, if it can be done.

#5 Treat others with respect or take the consequences.

#6 If you’re going places known to be dangerous, bring someone capable of healing – they’ll save your life

#7 Always let someone know where you’re going – if you get in danger, people can then go help you

Break these rules at your own risk and peril. Do not expect to be saved.

The menu is also hung on the wall, next to a prominent looking notice board.

Honeywell Inn Inventory

Mead (Jug, mug) (1 Gp, 2 Sp)

Wine (bottle, glass) (2gp, 4sp)

Honeycomb (2 Gp)

Goat and Pumpkin Stew (3 Sp)

Apple Pie (slice) (1sp)

Baked Potato (1sp)

Roast Beef sandwich (5sp) 

Fried eggs (2sp)

Wildflower Tea (3 Cp) sweetened with honey (4 Cp)

Lemonaid (4cp)

Notice Board

a large cork board is hung on the wall for all to see and attached to it with small pins are a multitude of notes from those who seek the aid of adventurers .

Notice Board Quests

Each day roll 4 times to see what quests are available to you. 1d20

1- “Wanted , Winterwolf hide for new rug- Reward 5gp”bring back a winter wolf hide.5gp
2- “Wanted , manticore quills for the seamstress- 20gp”Bring back 4 manticore quills. 10gp
3- “Help a local thug stole the family heirloom scimitar! Please bring it to me! i’ll give you my life savings!”bring back a scimitar from a thug.26gp
4- the kitchen needs a lochfish for tonight’s soupbrings back a lochfish.5sp
5- i think my husband is drinking after work again. Can you go see if he is for me?roll the drunken fishermen encounter at the sheywen docks1gp
6- a traveling priest from vangolor left his ring in his inn room! Please take it to him!roll a 7 on road encounters to meet the priest and hand him his ring10gp
7- a merchant needs a package delivered to the caravan. find or go to the caravan and deliver the package. 20gp
8- the beat down bully gang have been harassing people on the roads, go and fight them and show them bullying is wrong. . go fight the beat down bully gang on the road encounters table but don’t kill them. 10gp
9- a werewolf has been spotted in the dire moors it must be dealt withgo to the diremoors and defeat a werewolf20gp
10- a letter urgently needs to be delivered to white hold. take the letter to white hold4gp
11-the alchemist needs a rare poisoned potato from the silent heights. go to the silent heights and get a poisoned potato10gp
12-Please, bring my fathers remains to the catacombs in castle indel so he may lay to rest. bring the ashes to the catacombs and find a temple where you can lay him to rest. 45gp
13- the local carpenter wants wood from awakened trees to make furniturefight an awakened tree and bring back some wood10gp
14-my wife accidentally turned into a rabbit! Please go find her and bring her to me! She has a spot on her eye! I last saw her in the algar plains!travel to algar plains and roll a 2 to encounter rabbits. Successfully tame one and bring it back here25gp
15-The kitchen is in need of satisfying fruit from the forest.harvest a satisfying fruit from the forest.2gp
16-the Armor smith wants the fresh hide of a wyvern to make leather armor. slay a wyvern and return with its hide. 50gp
17-Manticore rock- The population of manticore in the sablecopse is once again out of control go to manticore rock and exterminate them. go to manticore rock and destroy all the manticore you encounter. 50gp
18-the alchemist is looking for rare herb found only in the swamp. go to a swamp and collect 4 gnomes bear moss. 25gp
19-The alchemist is looking for a rare herb found only in the desert. go to the desert and collect 2 black pears. 45gp
20-The inhabitants of bruhu island are under attack by marrow and need help! go to bruhu island and defeat a merrow. 50gp


    Lost Bard

    1 Point

    1 Step

    1. Find John Rivers

    If you want to accept this quest hit the button below to post the quest into the server. After that hit the accept quest button to begin. once you are finished log your quest to get your arc reward!

    View Quest – this will make a post in honeywell inn!

    fey quest

    Accept Quest- this will make a post somewhere else in the discord with your username in it! dont spam it just press it once and go find your destiny!

    fey quest

    Record Quest- when you are done claim your reward!

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