Khort –

The small town of worrym sits on the edge of the bay of hags. This community is built mostly on fishing and working the nearby farm land. Clustered close to the shore as if cowering away from the Dire moors in the north. The Community here is more open to outsiders than most of Algar, with a deep water port they get the odd traveler or two.

As the nights grow longer the townspeople of Algar naturally become more fearful of the surrounding undead, werewolves, and monsters. As the farmers around the land bring in their crops, large piles of tender are constructed in the center of each town. These large fires are lit at sundown every night and burn until dawn. Some of the older townspeople hold vigil all night, keeping the fires going, and telling grim tales of the horrors that lurk in the dark, to make sure the younger generation remembers why the tradition exists. Bonfire Tales Those who join the elderhear tales of the many horrors that lurk in the diremoors , cavern lands and shadowy mountains of Algar. Those who sit and listen learn what worked for those survivors who battled the undead back in the days of legend, and gain advantage on attacks against undead until their next long rest.


Those who hold vigil with the locals will be treated and welcomed friends, and the townspeople will feed them, and the innkeeper has offered a free place to sleep for a night to anyone who spends a night up on the vigil feeding the fire and watching the darkness in case the spirits of the dead arrive. 

Garlic: The townspeople in algar hang garlic everywhere and will give it to any traveler who asks for free. When wearing a clove of garlic the next attack from an undead against the target is at disadvantage. After that the garlic clove crumbles to dust. Each character can only carry one of these at a time.


Khort Places of Interest:

The Lighthouse Lodge –

Interestingly, the small tavern operates out of the lower stories of the lighthouse here in Khort. The beacon on the lighthouse is perpetually lit, and kept so by magic. The common room area is small, but homely. Here drinks and food can be had, but no lodging is available. (the lighthouse lodge carries spirits and ale, at a price of 2cp per drink, and serves clam chowder for 1cp per bowl)

The CommonRoom –

This small inn is known as the common room, it serves as a meeting place for sailors and farmers from the area. A room can be gotten here for 5gp per night. Meals here vary between seafood and the occasional beef stew, and a plate can be bought for 2sp. They serve ale and spirits for 2sp each and have a house grog that tastes a bit salty but only costs 1cp for a mug.

The Market –

Here fishermen and farmers trade their wears, fish can be sold as well as meat harvested from hunted creatures.

Meat Prices (per pound)(10pounds max) –

Unlisted- 5sp

Vermin- 1gp

Undead- 1gp

Animal- 3gp

Beast- 5gp

Monstrosity- 6gp

Aberration- 10gp

Giant- 15gp

Dragon- 20gp

QUEST- The Legend of the Clobster The Clobster is a local legend in Algar , the story tells of an old fisherman who used to fish out on a sand-bar . According to the tall tale, he caught a magic lobster, whom he befriended and raised to a giant size. The man was the most famous fishermen in the land, and ended up establishing the town of Worrim in his old age. According to the legends the “Clobster” as it has come to be known is still alive today and lives somewhere out by the sandbar still and that it will grant a single wish to anyone who catches it.

Teleportation is an image

Lost In The Dire Moors-

A board has been erected in the center of town which is covered in hand drawn pictures of those who have gone missing recently, after a string of disappearances that have occurred in the last month. The townspeople are offering rewards for any one of them that are returned alive, (50gp per ).

For each hour spent in Khort roll from the following table to see what you encounter (THIS ENCOUNTER ROLL IS NOW OPTIONAL )

Khort Encounters 1d6

1- A group of commoners talking loudly about the horrible terrible the king was and how glad they are to be rid of him.
2- A friendly fisherman who offers you a free boat ride out into the bay of hags to fish.
3- a mad man who shouts a prophecy about your fortune (roll 1d100, 1-50 – a positive fortune (bless for 1 hour) , 51-100 – a forecast of doom. (Disadvantage on skill checks and saving throws for 1 hour)
4- a band of amiable commoners, who mostly ignore you.
5- a street performer trying to make a coin.
6- an octopus who has wondered out of the sea seeking revenge (attacks immediately)

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