Near the edge of town a small building can be found:   a communal library. Long ago abandoned by the mage who once lived there, it has been adopted by the locals, who regularly renovate and upkeep the place. The walls of the small house are lined with bookshelves of ancient lore, covering a variety of subjects. The book shelves here contain copies of various spell books, which contain instructions on how to cast all wizard spells 3rd level or lower (these spells can be transferred into a wizards spell book the regular way)  (Characters can look up stuff relative to their own backstories whenever they want with a DC15 int check;  and can research other topics at DMs discretion).

In a small room off to one side a small teleportation circle can be found … which appears to still be in use by those who know the appropriate magics.

Teleportation info is an image

This teleportation station is set up inside the library at the existing teleportation circle. A strange mage has come to work it, and is friendly to those already here, but is a bit of a weirdo. His name is Greg.

To brew multiple potions in one batch, roll an arcana check dc16 , on a success the crafting yields 1d2 additional doses.

Potion Formula- Investigation Dc9 

Potion of Healing (Lesser and Greater) 

A simple potion of healing can be crafted with the use of alchemists tools using herbs harvested from a Harvesting Grounds (survival Dc10), add one Energizing Mushroom or Oddly Satisfying Fruit and simmer for an additional day to increase this effect to a greater. 

Time- 1 Day (2 days for greater) 

Cost- 25 Gp (50go for greater) 

To brew multiple healing potions in one batch roll an Arcana check Dc15, on a success the potion yields and additional 1d2 doses.

Potion of Heroism Recipe

A potion of heroism is no easy feat to create, it requires use of alchemists tools, and herbs harvested from a harvesting ground as the sap from an awakened tree. This sap must be fresh and harvested within 24 hours of the beginning of the potion making process to keep its power. 

Time- 3 days

Cost 90gp

Potion Of Speed Recipe

A potion of speed must be crafted with the utmost care. Using alchemist’s tools and herbs harvested from a harvesting ground (Survival dc10) the potion can be crafted. Once the concoction begins to boil, mix in a sprig of Quicksilver root from the silent heights and boil for 3 days , the resulting tincture will provide a burst of speed and energy. 

Time- 3 days

Cost- 200 gp

(If you find the book of sheywen lore and pass the investigation check, then you can make a history check dc15 with advantage. If anyone accomplishes this lmk and i’ll tell you a secret . )


History of Sheywen as told by Claud Vanderhorn, by James Winterford   The origins of the particular practices in the kingdom of sheywen involving the hunting of a fabled “nettle wyrm” seem to predate the settlement itself. This particular ritual dictates the passing of the crown of sheywen to the most powerful hunter in the land, via a contest known as the hunt for the nettle wyrm. According to the legends of the area, the nettle wyrm is a benevolent forest spirit, who only appears to those who meet a certain criteria , be it a level of skill, or a “purity of heart” as the stories suggest.. . though this does not seem to be true judging by the previous winners of the hunt, including Gregory the Brutal and Halthar the Be-header , both of whom were notably cruel , though skilled hunters.  The tradition seems to originate with the halfling population of the area, who were its first inhabitants before the live wood receded to the west and made room for the town. Apparently the halflings would select their leader by staging a hunt at the time of the old leader’s death, though now the hunt is performed pre-mortem. 

The nettle wyrm itself is a bit of a mystery, described as a long snake like creature with six legs, somewhat like a basilisk, though the only living person at any time to have seen one if the winner of the hunt themselves. 

I question why this institution came into place at all, but the answer perhaps is to be found in the relationship between the nettlewyrm, the live wood, and the king themselves, i postulate that it is the ancient truce once formed between the halfling leaders and the live wood , which lead to the recession of the forest that made way for the building of the town happened as a direct consequence of this communion with the nettle wyrm… though i cannot prove anything conclusively and it will be many years before the next hunt, as by the grace of the gods the king is in great health. Long live the king.

Investigation dc15 to find knowledge of the Arc-wells, by Jester Cuthbert an ancient manuscript

Knowledge of the Arcwells 

The arc wells were created at the dawn of creation when this fragment of the universe was shunted from the material plane. The pure magic energy that created the rift solidified into crystals when it was trapped between the planes. These crystals are known as Arc-Wells. 

Arc wells radiate a form of magic which cannot be suppressed by an antimagic field and cannot be dispelled, nor can it be harnessed by any known school of arcana. Arcwells cannot be located with a locate object spell, nor can they be scryed upon with magic. Even deities are unable to detect the location of ArcWells. 

Many mages have dedicated their lives to studying the power of these arc wells, and it was Aldren the Brilliant to first activate the arc well above the spire of the mages and found the secret of controlling the Arc-wells. 

The arc wells ability to function within an antimagic field is a result of radiation from another plane seeping through the stone. Where magic on the material plane is pulled from the plane of magic, the arc well is pushing magic into our plane from another sphere whose origin is still unknown. The magic of the arcwell cannot be controlled by normal magic because it is not our magic, but, if magic is introduced into the crystal with sufficient power, the frequency of the magic emitted can be forced to , albeit temporarily, aline with the frequency of the spell cast upon it magnifying its effects multiple times. 

Working with an arcwell requires the strongest of wills, when the spell is being cast a conduit of magical energy will be created from the arcwell to the caster of the spell, and if the spell fails, the caster will be consumed and in the worst case, destroyed. 

the rest of the manuscript has been eaten by moths

Due to recent interest, a damaged manuscript detailing information about the kingdom to the south has been uncovered. (anyone can read it, blacked out just for spoilers if you dont wanna metagame)

 The Three Kingdoms 

The lands that make up southern Aldearia are collectively known as The Three Kingdoms. There are four kingdoms in the Three Kingdoms. Algar, Indel, Keshar, and the smallest and newest of the kingdoms, The Castalands. Despite the fact that the Castalands has been an independent nation for nearly a generation, the area is still referred to generally as a province of the larger kingdom of Indel to its east. 

Algar –

Of the three kingdoms Algar is the northernmost, but also the most fertile, controlling nearly 2/3rds of the continent’s farmable land. The kingdom of Algar is made up of several notable terrains, including the deadly Dire Moors to the south, the mysterious Cavern Lands to the north, and the Silent Heights, a mountain range in its north eastern most corner where mysterious tribes worship unknown gods. 

Algar contains 4 main settlements, Castle Algar itself and its fiefdoms Worrim, Gobblecrack, and Khort . In addition to these main settlements the kingdom is also dotted with countless farming settlements that work the windswept fields of the land. 

The population of Algar is made up mostly of humans and half orcs, with smaller populations of all other races. 

Mungen Daster — 08/31/2021

The Government of Algar is a total monarchy with the king making all laws and controlling all matters of state. It is said that the king of algar takes no council, and needs no court. Despite that nobles from the various towns still vie for his favor in the form of taxes and tributes. 

The Current Sitting King of Algar is king Aldear, the Eighth. The king is named for the great Aldear the explorer who was supposedly the first human to settle the continent of Aldearia and the first king of Algar (according to legend) . King Algear has no living heirs and is unwed. 

The main exports of Algar are grains and other crops, as each of the smaller cities also have formidable fishing industries. Algar relies on its allies to the south, Indel for metals, and relies heavily on wood and lumber sourced from its neighbor to the north, Sheywen. 

(regrettably the other pages of the manuscript are missing.)

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