Lush Island

Lush Island

This island is covered in beautiful growths of strange foreign plants which have evolved for millennia on this small isolated island. The whole island is covered in hot springs and thermal vents, keeping the climate much warmer than the surrounding waters . Characters who spend time on the island may also notice THE ONCE HEALING WATERS OF THE SPRING ARE NOW SOUR AND TAINED. a strange and unknown magical energy emanates from beneath the pool. an arcana check dc20 can reveal it is taint caused by an arc well which seems to be melting down. Anyone who submerges in the water must make a con save dc15 or take 3d6 acid damage. But those who can pass a survival check dc15 can harvest from the island’s wealth of herbs. 

Island Harvest Table 1d4|Harvest|

|1| Purple Coconuts | taste like tropical candy, grant resistance to poisons for 1 hour when consumed. 
|2| Quicksilver Root | when consumed as a bonus action, gives the effects of a haste spell until the end of your next turn. 
|3| Questionable berries | When you consume these berries, roll a 1d100, on a roll of 50 or above the berries heal 4d8 hp. On a roll of 49 or below they deal 4d8 poison damage instead. 
|4| Yellow Island Flowers | Make a sweet tea that makes you feel bold.  Grants advantage on saving throws against fear for one hour when consumed.

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Guardian Spirits 

For each hour spent on the island roll a 1d100 on a roll of 50 or lower, there is no hostile encounter. On a roll of 51 or above, the spirits of the island reject the trespassers and attack. 

How to Determine the Encounter 

This is a different type of encounter table which scales depending on party size and level. To generate the encampment encounter EACH CHARACTER rolls from the table which corresponds to their level and the results are added together to produce the final encounter. 

Island encounter lvl1-3 |1d4|Encounter|

|1|1d2 Skeletons
|2|1d2 Lizard folk
|3| 1d2 magman
|4|1d2 Magma Mephits
Island Encounter Lvl4-6 |1d4|Encounter|

|1|1d4 Magman
|2|1d2 Salamander
|3|1d4 Lizard folk
|4|1d4 Magma Mephits
Island Encounter lvl7-10 |1d4|Encounter|

|1| 1d2 Air Elementals
|2| 1d2 earth elementals
|3| 1d2 Fire Elementals
|4| 1d4 Salamanders
Island Encounters Lvl 11-15 |1d4|Encounter|

|1| Ifreeti
|2| Djinn
|3| Roc
|4| Erinyes
Island Encounters lvl 16-20 |1d4|Encounter|

|1| Dragon Turtle
|2| 1d2 Iron Golem
|3| Androsphinx
|4| Adult Blue Dragon (with a single dragon egg)

 Scaled encounters rewards

How to Determine Rewards –


In order to determine which reward table to roll from, find the SUM OF ALL PLAYERS LEVELS . 

For instance if a group of adventurers level 1, 20 , and 6 the total sum of all levels is 27. 

Rewards are calculated with the following equation – 10d20xTPl x the number of people in the party.

Each character will also receive 500 EXPERIENCE POINTS for this encounter.

Parties which contain any two members who are more than 5 levels apart no longer receive rewards from ANY encounters. 

When Calculating TPL only the highest 6 character levels are counted. All additional party members do not count towards TPL. (They do still increase the difficulty of the encounter)

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