Merchant’s District

Merchants District 

This bustling area of the town is full of shops and craftsmen working their trades. The south of the blacksmith’s hammer can be heard ringing out over the humm of the crowd. This area of the town is almost always full of people. Here all non magical items worth less than 1000 gp can be bought and sold under the shadow of the castle. 

Merchants district encounters- 1d4

1| a snake oil salesman is trying to sell you a bottle of weird green liquid. (polymorphs you into a snake for 14 seconds if consumed) 
2| A beggar asks you for a coin, though he seems rather well dressed for a beggar. 
3| a pickpocket targets you, he rolls a sleight of hand (+5) to attempt to steal 5gp from your inventory. Roll an opposed perception against her sleight of hand to see if she succeeds.
4| A soothsayer sitting on the side of the road, for 10gp she will read your fortune. (gives 1 inspiration)

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