The Moss Wood- 

The moss wood is a massive forest of ancient trees that covers most of central Indel. Here the land is torn apart by massive roots that rip up out of the ground between huge boulders under the canopy of the ancient trees which grow there. The whole area is shrouded in a perpetual mist which clings to the bases of the mighty trees. Strange and ancient magical forces still hold sway in this timeless labyrinth of trails and clearings and many legends have been told about them. Some say the moss wood is the lair of an ancient green dragon, others say its haunted. Only the wild elves that live within the forest know its secrets, and they are reluctant to share them with outsiders. 

Hunting Table: Survival check, DC 10. Roll 1d4

1: elk
2: a small dear
3: a white fox
4: racoon

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Harvest Table: Nature check, DC 10. Roll 1d4

1: Wyrm Wort – a rough green lichen that cures blindness when consumed)
2: Harpers Pipe – a red flower that gives advantage on the next performance check when consumed
3: Vision Vine – a plain looking vine that allows those who consume it to communicate with the wildlife around them subconsciously.  when eaten gives advantage on the next survival or animal handling check that the character performs. 
4: Harpys Wig- This long stringy black moss hangs from the low branches of trees and can be used to bind wounds. With a successful medicine check dc10 it can be applied to a wound to restore 1d4 hp.

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Moss Wood- Encounter Table- for each hour roll 1d4 Encounter | 1d4! 

1- Rolling Fog
2- Combat Encounter
3- Wild Magic Mist
4- Elven Village

Rolling Fog- a thick fog clings to the bases of the giant trees that form the moss wood; everything is heavily obscured and the area is considered difficult terrain. 

Combat Encounter- Roll from the following table to see what you encounter in the forest.

1- an owlbear defending its territory
2- 1d4 giant centipedes
3- 1d2 dire wolves
4- 1d2 willow wisps

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 Wild Magic Mist- 

A strange multicolored mist overcomes you, roll from the following table to see what effect the mist has.

1- you begin to float 6 inches above the ground. Last for 1 hour. 
2- Your hair changes to a random color. 
3- You lose the ability to speak common for the next 24 hour. 
4- your eyes change color randomly. 
5- You lose the ability to regain hit points until your next long rest. 
6- your hit points and abilities are restored as though you have just taken a long rest. 

 Elven Village- 

Hidden deep in the moss wood is a small elven village. The village is constructed from small thatched roof buildings and bark structures nestled together around a central long house. Smoke rises from the chimney there. 

The elves here are friendly though weary of outsiders. Those who wish to stay the night can find lodging on the floor of one of the larger buildings, but there is little privacy to be had. This is a community of druids and rangers living at one with the land and they place little value on material possessions like gold or finery. 

 Those who can pass a persuasion check dc15 to befriend the locals can get access to their massive supply of game and harvested food, free of charge. Anyone who can speak Silvan gains advantage on this check.

Random eye color- Roll 1d12

1. Green
2. Black 
6.brown and green Heterochromia
7. Green and gold Heterochromia
8. Blue and green Heterochromia
9. Green with gold flecks 
10. Purple 
11. Pink 
12. Rainbow pupils
Random Hair Color- Roll 1d20

1. Black 
2. White
3. Blonde 
4. Brown ( any shade)
5. Red/ginger
6. Green (any shade)
7. Blue (any shade)
8. Purple (any shade)
9. Black with red highlights 
10. Blond with hot pink tips
11. Purple with blue highlights 
12. Dark brown with light brown highlights 
13. Black with light pink and light blue highlights 
14. Any color to silver ombre 
15. Black to purple ombre 
16.pale purple to light pink ombre 
17. Purple to blue ombre 
18. Red to yellow ombre 
19. Half black, Half white 
20. Rainbow hair

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