Pirate Attack

At the start of combat, all player combatants and companions, summons familiars and the like must make a 15 dex save or begin combat prone, as the pirate ship rams into you, breaking apart.

Chain devil will now appear with 1d4+2 animated chains. each in an available 5ft square around them.

Mages have mage armor up before the fight starts.  Cast those before anyone goes in initiative.

Tables are in images

Scaled encounters rewards

How to Determine Rewards –


In order to determine which reward table to roll from, find the SUM OF ALL PLAYERS LEVELS . 

For instance if a group of adventurers level 1, 20 , and 6 the total sum of all levels is 27. 

Rewards are calculated with the following equation – 10d20xTPl x the number of people in the party.

Each character will also receive 500 EXPERIENCE POINTS for this encounter.

Parties which contain any two members who are more than 5 levels apart no longer receive rewards from ANY encounters. 

When Calculating TPL only the highest 6 character levels are counted. All additional party members do not count towards TPL. (They do still increase the difficulty of the encounter)

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