Plaza Market

The Market is operating in this plaza during the DAY only, where produce and goods are brought up from the farmsteads. (Lots of pumpkin products; pies, seeds, sauces, cakes. Lots of goat products; meats, cheeses, milks.)

As the cold weather sets on the area, the merchants begin bringing out winter wears characters can buy cold weather gear here for 8gp ( Cold weather gear gives immunity to travel delays caused by cold weather) 

The Grey Road passes through the Old Gate, widening into a plaza with a large, eroded statue in the middle. It depicts two men, one large and one small, but worn down over time and wearing cloaks of dark, wet moss. (They are statues of Fenton Shay and Lord Honeywine, history)

Market Stall encounters, Sheywen Plaza Market ( During the day roll 1d8 for each 60ft section of the market); (Investigation check, DC 10 to find a specific stall during the DAY only)

(roll at least twice, one for each side of the street, duplicate shops may be competing for business):

1: Cheese stall. Selling various goat cheeses, some flavored with herbs or berries. 

2: Vegetable stall. Selling Pumpkins, Onions, Carrots, Garlic, and Kale.

3: Meat stall. Selling freshly butchered goat meat, goat sausages, dried goat meats, and offal.

4: 1d4+1 Shaywen City Watch (Guards), standing watch

5: Dry Goods stall. Selling dried beans, grains, preserved fruits, flour, sugar, salt, etc. 

6: Hot Pie Cart. Selling pumpkin pies, meat pies, eel pies, onion pies, goat-cheese pies. (1 SP)

7: Mead Cart. Selling mead from the Honeywell Inn and honeycomb.

8: Cooking Goods stall. Selling glass bottles of cooking oil, fish oil, vinegars, etc. 

Plaza encounters, Sheywen City (For every hour within the Plaza, roll 1d6): 

1: 1d6 Commoners, going about their lives

2: 1d2 Half-Elven Hunters (Scouts) 

3: 1d4 Workers moving baskets of goods to the Market

4: 1d4+1 Sheywen City Watch (Guards), on patrol

5: 1d4 Mead Drunk Travelers (Honeywell Inn customers)

6: 1d4 Goats, going about their lives 

laza encounters (Night), Sheywen City (For every hour within the Plaza at night, roll 1d4);

1: 1d2 Goats, going about their lives

2: 1d4+1 Mead Drunk Travelers (Honeywell Inn customers)

3: 1d4+1 Sheywen City Watch (Guards), on patrol

4: 1d4 Masked Thugs (Perception: shorter than Medium sized), confrontational

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