Riverside Inn 

The riverside inn is the heart of the city of indel. Build near the entrance to the castle this beautiful ancient inn is masterfully crafted and has all the amenities that one would expect to get for paying its rather high lodging fees . for 15gp a night you can enjoy a hot bath in your own chamber, and a luxurious bed, as well as a complimentary bottle of Indel-RiverWine(acts as a goodberry). 

The common room of the inn is decorated with elaborate carved wooden beams depicting various scenes of hunts and battles. Long white banners hang on either side of the fireplace. Each one was painted with a blue seagull in its center, The sigil of house Indel. 

The kitchen is well stocked with a magical cooking process from ancient times. Any food requested can be summoned from the Arcane ovens in the riverside inn for 5gp and any beverage for 2gp. The foods summoned in this way provide sustenance assuming they are consumed within the inn, but turn to dust if they are taken out of the inn without being consumed. Everything created by the arcane oven must be edible. The arcane oven can not create poisonous substances. If the substance created would normally be poisonous to certain creatures (such as chocolate to a dog) then the poison is rendered inert and it will not harm them. 

At dawn every day the ovens are cleaned out by producing 10 gallons of soup containing a little bit of everything that was created the day before. It is given out for free to anyone in the inn who wants it and cannot afford food.

Last night the inn was attacked. A fireball went off outside the rooms of the inn dealing 49 damage to everyone inside. The inn is in rubble half blasted apart.

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