Road to Shadowvale

A cool wind blows through the autumn colored leaves, scattering them down the road. In the distance there are signs of a town. The cobblestone road is clearly very old, lined with gnarled trees in vivid hues of red, orange, and gold. A strange feeling of unease is on the wind, almost as if something is just … wrong.

Forest Road Encounter Table; 

For every 1 Hour spent on the Forest Road, roll 1d4.

1: A deer runs out into the road, stops for a moment, and then darts into the trees
2: A murder of crows caws from a tree, admonishing all travelers on the road
3: An Awakened Pumpkin darts out into the road, spins around once, then dashes back
4: Something big moves in the woods, just out of sight. It does not reveal itself
Advanced Hunting Table, Survival check DC 15, roll 1d6.

1: 1d2 Boars 
2: 1d2 Wolves (mundane)
3: 1d2 Brown Bears
4: 1d4 Deer 
5: 1d2 Awakened Pumpkins (Awakened Shrubs)
6: The sense of impending doom, as if you are the one being hunted in this forest. 
Hunting Table: Survival check, DC 11. Roll 1d4

1: A small rabbit 
2: Small game fowl 
3: A smallish deer 
4: A smallish boar 
Harvest Table: Nature check, DC 11. 3d4 Pumpkins + Roll 1d4

1: edible greens 
2: smallish carrots
3: some wild onion
4: ripe apple

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