Road to Sheywen

Located in a heavily wooded valley, surrounded by forest and enclosed on two sides by mountains. The region is nearly constantly rainy, a light drizzle from a dull grey sky is as nice a day as any in Sheywen. The mountainous countryside is dense with dark, blue-green fir trees, and is nearly constantly immersed in a thick, chilly mist. The road you walk on is muddy from melted snow and as you approach town you can smell the smoke of cooking fires.

As you head into Sheywen roll from the following encounter!

Road to Sheywen Encounter- 1D6
1: A rabbit looking for something to eat in the snow.
2: A couple of merchants leaving town, they wave as they pass.
3: A hawk flies overhead cawing loudly.
4: a knight gallops by on horseback heading towards Algar.
5: a reformed bandit working for the queen cleaning up litter by the roadside.
6: a fox watches you pass.

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