Ruins of Castle Algar

The Ruins of Castle Algar:

After the destruction of the town surrounding castle algar when it was lifted from the earth , most of the townspeople fled in fear in an attempt to find shelter in other places. What remains is a small shanty town slowly rebuilding from the ashes. As things have begun to settle down in Algar, villagers have started to return to the area, patching together their small wooden houses with whatever they can find. The patchwork village still shows signs of the devastation, but bit by bit things start returning to normal. 

Notable Areas:

The Stowaway inn-

A small inn has opened in the wreckage of Algar, repurposed from what was once a private home. The common room is plainly decorated and it lacks many of the bells and whistles you might find in an inn with only a few tables and a bar. The establishment is run by John Wilkenshin, a man who once was a sailor, and has since moved inland in search of a simpler life. The inn welcomes anyone who needs a rest, and room can be rented for 2gp a night, though the accommodations are simple, they do the job, and a pint of ale and potato stew are always to be found. 

The Market-

Goods are still hard to find here, as there is not much demand with the tiny population of the town, but non-magical items worth less than 50gp can be bought in the small market stalls that have been set up amongst the rubble. 

The Pit-

When the castle departed it left in its wake a massive pit where it used to be. The pit is thought of by the townspeople as a cursed place, and once had many openings to the catacombs beneath the town, but due to the hard work of the townspeople they have been sealed up. Though some report having seen ghosts wandering the pit , and strange noises can be heard at night. 

The Ruined block-

The area around the castle has still not been rebuilt, but it is slowly being cleared out, many of the stones have been removed and the foundations of destroyed buildings are being prepared to be rebuilt by a group of stone masons.

Algar Town Encounters (optional)  1d6- Encounter

1- A group of commoners finishing off a newly built home. 
2- A group of farmers coming in from working in the fields nearby. 
3- Some kids playing learning from a teacher in a makeshift school tent, set up thanks to the generous donations given to the reformed bandits. 
4-  Some priests of Valgalor overseeing the building of a temple, across the street from the temple of Exitor. 
5- A merchants guild scout looking to buy property to set up a shop in town.
6- A priest in the streets, loudly preaching about the glory of the god Exitor and shooting dirty glances across the street to the priests of vangalor.


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