(( HOW TO ENTER THE SABLE COPSE – This area is the first area of the sablecopse and acts as a doorway into the deeper forest. From this area you can access cherry-blossom-grove , eastern-shore , and nanas-field  , there is no minimum amount of time necessary to move through this area but everyone entering the forest must declare here which area they are passing into, as a means to track people’s movements through the forest. ))

The seasonal flowers are in bloom; painting the rainy forest with splashes of bright fuchsia from the cherry blossoms, cyan from the heavy branches of the fir trees and the creeping spiral arms of the ferns, all over a bright yellow carpet of wildflowers. The Sablecopse is an ancient forest on the southernmost border of Sheywen. It is dense, misty, nearly impossible to navigate, and populated by dangerous and mysterious creatures. Ravens are heavy here, watching from the skies and trees and calling out forebodingly.

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