The Lost Lamb Inn

The Lost Lamb Inn

The Lost Lamb Inn offers a place for travelers within the rustic village of Shadowvale. 

A private, upstairs room 

Per night: 3 Sp, Per week: 1 Gp, Per month: 3 Gp

There are menus for Drinks, Tea, and Pies. There is a bookshelf and a small herb garden out back.

A wooden placard is nailed to the wall of the inn.

__Rules of Sheywen, and Shadowvale to Follow in Order to Survive__

#1 Don’t go anywhere alone, if it can be helped.
#2 Know what you’re up against. If you don’t know what you’re up against, find someone who does.
#3 Infighting is handled in the fight pit in Shadowvale, monitored by someone that can heal.
#4 If you see something out of the ordinary, notify one or more people before investigating, if it can be done.
#5 Treat others with respect or take the consequences.

Break these rules at your own risk and peril. Do not expect to be saved.”

Drunkenness checks: Constitution checks, starting at DC 10 +2 for every drink you take. On a failure, you become drunk.

Busking in Inn pays 1d10 Sp per successful DC 11 Performance check

The Lost Lamb Inn encounters, Shadowvale (Every hour, roll 1d4);

1: 1d4+1 Farmers, sitting at a low wooden table and tucking into plates of pie
2: 1d2 Finely Dressed Travelers in silk robes with 1d4 Caravan Guards watching the rest of the occupants closely, hands on their hilts even as they eat their pie
3: An inexperienced but enthusiastic Bard entertains the dining room with stories and songs played on a lyre, strumming energetically, hat tilted jauntily as they sing 
4: 1d2 figures in wizardly robes (Mages), sitting by themselves in a corner and pouring over old looking parchments, their ale untouched ( Historical Society)
Lost Lamb Inn “Orders a cup of tea…” Menu.

1: A steaming cup of black tea, 1 Sp
2: An aromatic cup of herbal tea, 1 Sp
3: A stimulating cup of ginseng tea, 1 Sp
4: A calming cup of green tea, 1 Sp
5: A soothing cup of herbal tea, 1 Sp
6: A fragrant cup of spiced tea, 1 Sp 
 Garden Harvesting table, outside the Inn. Nature check, DC 9. Roll 1d6.

1: 1d2 sprigs of rosemary 
2: 1d2 sprigs of mint
3: 1d2 bulbs of garlic
4: 1d4 tiny green peppers
5: 1d2 tiny red hot peppers
6: 3d4 honeysuckle flowers
Lost Lamb Inn Bookshelf table, roll 2d12.

2: A book about Gnolls 
3: A book about Oozes
4: A book about Kobolds 
5: A book about Aberrations
6: A book about Other Planes
7: A book about cooking Owlbear “Owlbarely Needs Seasoning”
8: A book about Elven History
9: A book about Dwarven History 
10: A book about the Orcs “My friends the Orcs”
11: A book about Giants “They Get Bigger Than That”
12: A book about Dragons, specifically how Dragon Hoards effect local Economies
13: A book about Goblins
14: A cookbook specific to the Underdark “Cooking by Faerie Fire”
15: A romance novel about Beholders “Love is in the eyes of”
16: A romance novel about Tieflings “Horns, Tails, and Everything in-between”
17: A romance novel about Elves “Under the Branches, Within the Hearts”
18: A tour guide for a Lost City “Tour guide to the wonderful and marvelous Ticking City”
19: A journal filled entirely with the word “Witch”
20: A book about Dwarven military campaigns
21: A book about Elven military campaigns 
22: A book about Human military campaigns
23: A book of scary stories from Human legend 
24: A book of scary stories from Gnomish legend 
The Lost Lamb “I need a drink…” Menu

1: A frosty mug of ale, 1 Sp
2: A mug of honey mead, 1 Sp
3: A glass of red wine, 3 Sp
4: A glass of white wine, 3 Sp
5: A tumbler of scotch, 3 Sp 
6: A shot of whiskey, 3 Sp
7: A glass of absinthe, 1 Gp
8: A fruity rum cocktail, 1 Gp
9: A gin and tonic, 3 Sp
10: A bottle of hot sake, 3 Gp
11: A pint of dark porter, 1 Sp 
12: A pint of red lager, 1 Sp 
The Lost Lamb “Give me a slice of pie…” Menu

1: Pumpkin Pie, 5 Sp
2: Cherry Pie, 5 Sp
3: Apple Pie, 5 Sp
4: Shepherd’s Pie, 5 Sp 
5: Mincemeat Pie, 5 Sp
6: Sweet Potato Pie, 5 Sp
7: Lime and Meringue Pie, 5 Sp
8: Pecan Pie, 5 Sp
9: Lemon Meringue Pie, 5 Sp
10: An egg quiche, 5 Sp 
Coaxing the Inn Table: Persuasion check, DC 20. Roll 1d4. (Once per day)

1: You find the Tiny item worth less than 10 Gp you were looking for
2: You find the Rare Booze worth approximately 50 Gp you were looking for
3: You find the Rare Book worth approximately 50 Gp you were looking for
4: You find a tiny Gemstone worth 10 Gp (1d4; 1: Diamond, 2: Ruby, 3: Sapphire, 4: Emerald)

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