Sheywen Keep

The Sheywen Keep is a large stone structure with high walls and battlements that is well kept. The main courtyard has patches of lush greenery with cobblestone paths weaving through to the many entrances to the inner keep. The entire structure has a constant patrol of friendly, but well armed guards that do their job of greeting new people, and making sure everyone is safe. However, to be able to enter the keep, one must get an invitation from one of the nobles that reside within the keep, or ask permission outside the gates. The Queen, a gem dragon born named Mirabella, is beloved and known to help anyone who asks even if it puts her at a loss overall she is simply too good. However, her husband, a high elf named Drake, makes sure that she doesn’t over extend. During festivals and balls, the Keep is partially opened to the populace to enter the Sheywen Keep Banquet Hall.

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