Sheywen Merchants

Common items and equipment can be sold to merchants for 50% of the value on DnDBeyond

The mysterious meat man is a vendor who will buy any questions or mysterious meats you happen to come across in your travels. He will pay per pound of meat, and prices vary based on the animal slain to get the meat (a max of 10 pounds of meat per animal type per player per day unless posted otherwise)

Meat Prices (per pound) – 

Unlisted- 5sp

Vermin- 1gp

Undead- 1gp

Animal- 3gp

Beast- 5gp 

Monstrosity- 6gp

Aberration- 10gp

Giant- 15gp

Dragon- 20gp 

Hiergart’s Woodworking

Carpenter (Hiergart’s Woodworking), a large log building of very high quality construction. It looks like one of the oldest wooden structures in the City, the sign reading Hiergart’s Woodworking is very old but done in elaborate style. Hiergart himself is an old human as grey as the rain warped wood of the city, and the descendant of the original Hiergart who opened the place.

Hiergart Woodworking inventory, Sheywen City;

Furniture; Tool handles; Crafting materials; Adhesive; Boat repairs

Darling Threads

Further into the city there is a Clothier (Darling Threads), a fancier wooden building with the moss scraped off, several desperate coats of brightly colored paint attempting to ward off the omnipresent greyness of Sheywen City.

Darling Threads inventory, Sheywen City;

Work clothes 

Heavy clothes (cold weather)

Slightly fancy dress clothes (old styles)

Needles, thread, fabrics, etc; Custom work

Game Warden’s Lodge

Down the street from the Plaza is the Game Warden, a squat lodge where Scouts may go to register to hunt on the King’s land. (Sells Hunting License, fur, leathers, hunting and camping gear.) (Game Warden posts Bounties for wild monsters on the Notice Board)

Game Warden inventory, Sheywen City;

Hunting License (10 Gp)

3d4 Racoon pelts (1 Cp each)

2d4 Deer hides (5 Sp each)

1d4 Wolf hides (5 Sp each)

1d2 Bear hides (1 Gp each)

Hunting gear (arrows, bolts, traps, skinning knives, etc)

Camping gear (pots, pans, bedrolls, rope, fire starting kits, etc), Bounty Rewards. Will buy pelts and meat for 1d8 Cp per hide, or 1d8 Sp per Bear hide. 

Also available from the Plaza is the Apothecary, The Parsley Sage, owned by a Female Half-Elven who goes by the title “the Parsley Sage”. She specializes in herbs, but also sells other alchemical ingredients as well as level appropriate Potions. (Potion seller, has typical reagents and materials for magic users, such as ink, paper, and incense. Posts notices on the Notice Board for ingredients that can be harvested from the local woods.) 

Parsley Sage inventory, Sheywen City; 

1d6+1 Level appropriate healing Potions

1d4 Level appropriate miscellaneous Potions

1d8+1 vials of water repellent oil

Common spell reagents; Common crafting materials; A wide variety of dried herbs and spices, Requisition Rewards

Solfen Forge

Bordering the Market at the Plaza is the Blacksmith, Solfen, an old Human whose family has lived in Shaywen since its founding. (Solfen Forge sells mostly tools, but the grizzled old Blacksmith knows how to make marital weapons and armor) 

Solfen Forge inventory, Sheywen City:

Metal Tools (sledgehammers, shovels, picks, hoes, nails, horseshoes, etc)

Simple, Martial weapons; Metal Armors; Custom orders

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