Sheywen Town

The city itself has spilled out over the ancient fortifications, dark wooden buildings with thickly thatched roofs, thick blankets of moss covering the top of nearly every building. Further into the city the buildings become stone, but the moss growth is constant due to the extremely high humidity of the area. The streets are cobblestone, but riddled with deep puddles and ruts.

Street encounters, Sheywen City (For every hour spent on the streets of Sheywen, roll 1d6):

1: 1d4 Human Trappers (Scouts)
2: 1d2 Half-Elven Hunters (Scouts)
3: 1d4+1 Sheywen City Watch (Guards), on patrol
4: 1d6 Commoners, going about their lives
5: 1d6 Goats, going about their lives
6: 1d4 Dwarven Lumberjacks 
Street encounters (Night), Sheywen City ( For every hour spent on the streets of Sheywen at night, roll 1d4):

1: 1d4 Goats, going about their lives
2: 1d4+1 Sheywen City Watch (Guards), on patrol
3: 1d4 Masked Thugs, confrontational
4: 1 Giant Goat (Handle Animal check DC 17 with Oversized Goat Collar)

Busking in Town pays 1d10 Cp per successful DC 11 Performance check

Channel name – Mysterious Stall

A new object appears mysteriously on the stall. resembling a gumball machine. inside are small blue pebbles inscribed with white runes of a mysterious nature . Whenever 50gp has been entered into the coin slot, and the gear turned a blue pebble rolls out of a tiny slot. The entire thing is protected by powerful magic rendering it impossible to break, cheat, vandalize, or use in any way other than intended without a dc35 wis saving throw. No one is immune to this effect for any reason. 

THE STONE – The stones that the machine can be used by throwing them on the ground as an action ONLY OUTSIDE OF COMBAT anywhere in the world. When this happens the stone is destroyed and ONE willing character and their belongings (includes familiars and pets but not other PCs) are transported back to #mysterious-stall and appear in an unoccupied space within 30ft of the stall. The machine will only dispense ONE stone per character and will not dispense another until the first is consumed and will not dispense more than 3 total per 7 day period (beginning and ending on Tuesdays). The money placed in the machine remains inside in an internal bag of holding only accessible with a DC35 Sleight of hand check made with thieves tools. 

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