Soggy Drop Pub

A small, hole in the wall tavern located on the docks (The Soggy Drop). The whole place is almost uncomfortably wet thanks to the humidity from the lake, the food is bad and the drinks are passable. A patch-eyed barkeep that may or may not actually be twin Halfling males runs the place, and there is always the faint smell of fish sauce wafting from the back rooms.

Drunkenness checks: Constitution checks, starting at DC 10 +2 for every drink you take. On a failure, you become drunk.

The Soggy Drop inventory, Sheywen Docks:

Weak imported wine (Bottle, glass)(1 Sp, 2 Cp)
A very strong pumpkin beer that doesn’t taste awful (Jug, mug)(5 Sp, 1Sp)
A house made fish sauce (Soggy Sauce)(Bottle, flask)(5 Gp, 1 Gp)
Lochfish Stew with noodles and carrots (5 Cp)
Locheel Stew with noodles, onions and garlic (5 Cp)
A damp bed of straw in the attic for the night (5 Sp)
The Soggy Drop encounters, Sheywen Docks (For every hour spent at the Soggy Drop, roll 1d6)

1: 1d4 Very drunk Human Fishermen, drinking pumpkin beer 
2: 1d4 Surly Halfling Boatmen, drinking pumpkin beer 
3: 1d2 Off duty Sheywen City Watch (Guards) eating stew
4: 1d4+1 Commoners eating stew and drinking weak wine
5: 1d2 Dwarven Lumberjacks drinking pumpkin beer enthusiastically 
6: 1d2 Oddly dressed travelers (Black Market customers), waiting for someone

(Roll at least twice, reroll duplicates)

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