Spire of the Mages

The Spire of the Mages



The spire of the mages is the seat of power in Aldearia. Ruled over by the wizard Sorobos, it is the most powerful force in the land. The spire is both a city and an institution, training mages in the art of magic for generations. 

The city consists of a central spire 200ft high surrounded by a circular wall 1 mile in diameter. The tower is topped with a magnificent crystal sphere which emanates a wall of force which encompasses the city all the way out to its outer wall. 

The city was not built by the mages who claim it, but is a surviving relic of an ancient civilization. The stonework is otherworldly, with twisting archways and towers which seem to grow like the trunks of twisted trees. 

Those who brave the journey through the mountains to go to the spire find it in disarray. The magic force field which usually surrounds the city and protects it seems to be malfunctioning. Gaps appear erratically in the force field and arcs of electric blue arcane energy blast off of it at random intervals. 

Crossing the Wall- 

Crossing the wall requires expert timing if you are trying to jump through one of the gaps as they appear. Those who attempt may make an athletics check dc15. On a failed save the wall closes on them and they take 10d8 bludgeoning damage and are shunted 5ft in a random direction.

Alternatively a disintegrate spell can create a hole in the wall that lasts one hour and is big enough for a large creature to enter.

Inside the walls- 

The city streets of the spire are abandoned. Ancient buildings all seem grown from the stone, twist and tower over the narrow cobblestone streets. Windows in buildings are broken and no lights shine inside. 

Thick vines over every visible structure in the city, each of them sprouting thick mats of large pink flowers. Sparkling pollen hangs in the air and floats slowly from their petals. 

Bodies can be seen along the sides of the road here and there, covered in the vines as well, some of them already dissolved to skeletons by acid sap which leaches from the vines. 

For each hour you are in the spire of the mages roll from the following table. 

Spire Encounter Tables

1 1d4 arch guardians attacking anything they see
2 1d4 blighted plant monsters on a rampage
3 a cloud of poison pollen , con save dc15 or take 8d6 poison damage. 
4 1d6 blighted villagers roaming the streets. 
5 1d4 mages infected with blight they attack immediately, and refuse to communicate
6 a stone golem roaming the streets fighting blights, it attacks anyone it sees. 

When exploring the spire you can investigate its various features, investigating a feature takes one hour.

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Spire Features-

Overgrown Market- 

This market is overgrown with plants. The bodies of many villagers have been consumed here and stalls lay abandoned. Roll investigation to see what you can find. The plaza is a circle roughly 100 ft in diameter where many tents and pavilions are set up for merchants to sell their various items. 

For each hour you spend in the overgrown market, roll from the spire encounter tables above an additional time. 

Investigation result – Loot

1-10 = nothing of value , permissible goods that are now ruined. 
11-12 = a cache of 1d100 gp. 
13-15 = A mithril statue worth 500gp. 
15-17 = a horse lost, and still alive running through the wreckage. If you can calm it with an animal handling dc15 check you gain 100 Arc. 
18-20 = a platinum idol of a mage clutching a staff worth 800gp. 

Abandoned Houses- 

This looks like a residential area which is destroyed by vines and blight. Vines have covered the whole house, wrapping around the inside and smothering every wall and floor. This area is considered difficult terrain and When exploring this area, roll from the following table to see what you find. 

Abandoned Houses encounter- 1d6

1- the body of a young woman consumed by vines. 
2- 1d4 blighted plant creatures climb down from the walls and attack you. 
3- a fog of pink mist, con save dc13 or take 4d6 poison damage. 
4- A Blighted troll rummaging through the wreckage . He attacks you. 
5- 1d4 each-guardians patrolling the area attack anything they see. 
6- a group of 1d6 blighted townsfolk.

When you complete the encounter in the abandoned houses you can search dc15 investigation to find a hoard or 10x1d20 pp.

The Ruined Library

This massive dome-like structure sits directly under the central spire. Its roof has collapsed in places and rubble fills its halls. Inside vines grow up all over ancient tombs which hold unknown magic. Inside the library the mages had cast many powerful spells which are still active. 

Every hour you spend in the library you may an investigation check DC15 , if you pass roll from the following table to see what you find

1- a scroll for a cantrip
2- a scroll for (1d4)th level spell)
3- a scroll for (1d6)th level spell)
4- a scroll for a ( 1d8th level spell) 
Each time you do this roll from the Library Dangers table to see what finds you.

1- you activate a magic trap which does 2d6 d 6 force damage to everyone within a 20ft radius. (dc10+1d6 dex save for half damage.) 
2- A moth flutters out of a book nearby. 
3- 1d4 ArchGuardians attack anything that moves nearby
4- a stray blighted plant jumps off of a nearby bookshelf and attacks you
5- an arch mage with white eyes seemingly consumed with the blight he attacks and does not speak. They are accompanied by a shield guardian (the shield guardian is storing an 8th level fireball spell)
6- Nothing.

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The Spire- 

In the center of the city is the spire. This massive 200ft tower is topped with a giant glowing blue orb mage of crystal. At its base however, the tower is featureless smooth stone. The only entrance to the tower is at the top, and characters must fly, or teleport to the small balcony that juts out just under the crystal. 

If any spell is cast on the crystal the crystal responds with a lightning bolt directly at whoever casts the spell. Dc18, 8d6 lighting damage. 

Top Floor – 

When you enter into the top floor of the spire you find a massive circular chamber 100ft wide in its center is a massive statue of a hooded man and a cloak carved out of flawless black marble. Around the statue is a massive circular trough full of dark water. Sitting next to the statue is a goblet made of mithril. 

The Font- 

The trough that surrounds the statue is enchanted with ancient powerful magic. Those who drink from it experience supernatural visions. In order to function the fountain must be charged by an elaborate ritual conducted by the mages who live here. Currently the font has 3 charges left. 

Drinking from the font – when you use a charge from the font and drink its waters @me

There is no other visible door or opening in this room, and the walls and floors are all resistant to all spells and abilities. There must be a way to access the rest of the tower somehow. But the secret must have something to do with the mysterious cup and the dark pool of water beneath the statue

The moths in the spire of the mages are poisonous if consumed con save dc13 or take the poisoned condition for 20 minutes

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