The Tomb is worth 300 EXP.

FINDING THE TOMB- The tomb can be located after 1 hour travel in the dire moors, or found outright with a survival check dc20.

The Tomb of King Aldear the First

NOTE- This Area is designed with level scaling encounters and low level characters who enter with high level characters are AT EXTREME RISK OF DEATH.

A massive vault door made of adamantium coated with a thin layer of brass can be found in a chamber beneath the massive statue of the fallen king. The door can be opened with a thieves tools check (dc 10+CPL) or with the use of a knock spell or similar magic. Attempting to smash the door down is impossible, but its mechanism can be forced open with a successful athletics dc10+cpl save) once opened the door remains open for 1d4+2 hours. (the door can be opened easily from the inside)

There is a %50 chance the door is trapped on any given attempt to open it. Perception check dc 5+cpl to determine if the door is trapped or not. A successful sleight of hand check dc6+cpl can be made to disarm the trap. Behind the door is a massive underground necropolis made up of winding stone corridors bored into the bead rock which lead to various chambers, dead ends, and pitfalls.

For each hour spent exploring the area, roll from the Tomb Chamber Table, the Tomb Treasure Table, and The Tomb Traps Table to see what you find. ( trap effects resolve at the beginning of combat before initiative starts)

Tomb Chamber Table (1d6)

1-The dusty corridor leads to a dead end, claw marks can be seen in the stone as though something has been trying to dig its way out from the inside. A husk of some long dead creature is crumbled up against the wall and smells of death. (10ft wide, 50+ft long, 10ft high) 
2- A large square chamber has been carved out here , The walls are carved with reliefs detailing a massive battle between unknown armies. (30ftx30ftx30ft) 
3- This wide rectangular room has a steep slope and the ceiling is painted in an elaborate detailed relief of a man wearing a crown and draped in black robes. During combat, at the beginning of each turn, anyone without a climb speed must succeed an athletics check, DC10, or fall prone. (50ftx100ftx20ft) 
4- A circular room with a single pedestal in its center, surrounded by treasure (roll from the treasure table an additional time in this room) (40ft diameter circle, 20 foot ceiling) 
5- This tunnel has partially collapsed and becomes extremely narrow for 100ft, (5ft wide, 10ft height) 
6- this chamber is filled with rusted arms and armaments from a time long passed the floor is littered with scraps of metal and debris. (25x30x10) 

 Disarming Traps- Characters who can pass a perception check dc13+CPL can locate the traps before they enter the chamber and attempt to disarm them with thieves tools using a slight of hand check dc7+cpl All trap DCS are 7+cpl 

Tomb Traps Table- (1d6) (for trap damage roll 1d6 per CPL (so yes, for a party with a CPL of 13, it is 13d6 damage, all saves are for no damage)

1- Falling rocks rain down from the roof – Dex Save – Bludgeoning 
2- A fiery explosion fills the entrance to the chamber – Dex Save – Fire 
3- Poison Gas erupts from a fissure in the floor- Con Save – Poison 
4- Darts fire from hidden slits in the walls – Dex Save – Piercing 
5- An evil enchantment permeates the area – Cha save – Necrotic 
6- No Trap (edited)

 Tomb Encounter Tables- How to Determine the Encounters 

This is a different type of encounter table which scales depending on party size and level. To generate the encounter each PLAYER rolls from the table which corresponds to their level and the results are added together to produce the final encounter.

Tomb Encounter Table 1 (lvls 1-3)

1-1d2 spectres 
2- 1d2 zombies 
3- 1d2 skeletons 
4- 1d2 animated armors
 Tomb Encounter Tables 2 (levels 4-7)

1- skeletal minotaur 
2- 1d2 ogre zombies
3- 1 wraith 
4- 1 poltergeist 
Tomb Encounter 3 (levels 8-10)

1- 1d4 hell hounds
2- shadow demon
3- 1d2 minotaur 
4- 1 wraith with 1d4 spectres
Tomb encounters 4- (levels 11-15)

1- Arcanoloth 
2- Behir
3- Demi Lich
4- Beholder Zombie
Tomb Enouncters 5- (levels 16-20)

1- lich
2- Cambion 
3- Vampire
4- Mummy lord

Scaled encounters rewards

How to Determine Rewards –


In order to determine which reward table to roll from, find the SUM OF ALL PLAYERS LEVELS . 

For instance if a group of adventurers level 1, 20 , and 6 the total sum of all levels is 27. 

Rewards are calculated with the following equation – 10d20xTPl x the number of people in the party.

Each character will also receive 500 EXPERIENCE POINTS for this encounter.

Parties which contain any two members who are more than 5 levels apart no longer receive rewards from ANY encounters. 

When Calculating TPL only the highest 6 character levels are counted. All additional party members do not count towards TPL. (They do still increase the difficulty of the encounter)

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