Trisk is a small town which has built up a few miles south of castle indel on the edge of the moss wood. This settlement is prosperous and thanks to the protection of the knights from castle indel. Many wealthy merchants have settled here and set up shop. 

Trisk encounters- 1d4

1| a group of merchants guild members chatting as they walk to the guild hall. 
2| a group of children playing with a ball.
3| a hedgehog scampers into a nearby bush. (Animal handling dc13 to tame) 
4| a knight from castle indel standing guard. 

Notable Features:

Merchants Guild Hall

The merchants guild hall is always busy as the numerous members sof the guild spend their time weighing gold and parsing out shipments to far off lands. Part bank and part warehouse the massive guild hall is constantly busy. 

The merchants guild will buy items from characters who are members of the merchants guild , including magic items for 75% of the price of the item. A better deal than you will find anywhere in the kingdom. 

How to join the merchants guild! 

Joining the merchants guild requires a character to both have a sizable income, and be able to travel long distances in the name of the guild. To apply you must pay 1000Gp to the merchant guild hall and then complete a delivery. Roll from the following table to see what you must deliver. 

Merchants guild quests- 1d6

1- A parcel of herbs to the temple in shadowvale. 
2- a coffin complete with a dead body to gobble crack. 
3- a horse drawn cart will of manure to the sheywen farms
4- A lock box containing 1d10 gems worth 50gp each to Worrym. 
5- a crate of nails to castle algar ruins. 
6- a barrel of lamp oil to the silent heights. 

If the delivery is made successfully then membership to the guild is granted. 

The Quick Silver Inn- 

This small nondescript inn looks like it was constructed to be as generic as possible. Basic ale and wine are served as well as a fairly decent stew. It costs 5sp to spend the night , the rooms are basic with a single bed, a table and little more. 


The market here will buy or sell any non magical items worth less than 50 gp , and will buy meat harvested from hunted creatures. Meat Prices (per pound)(10pounds max)

Unlisted- 5sp
Vermin- 1gp
Undead- 1gp
Animal- 3gp
Beast- 5gp 
Monstrosity- 6gp
Aberration- 10gp
Giant- 15gp
Dragon- 20gp

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