Twiddly Vangalor’s Rest

Twiddly – Twiddly is little more than a few shacks encircling the temple of vangalors rest. Players can find shelter here in the stumbling structure known as the Stowaway Inn for a paltry 2cp. The priests of vangolor teach abstinence from material wealth and the devout population of this town adhere to the belief that they should acquire as few possessions as possible. Only the most devout followers of Vangalor choose to live here. 

Shops- only the most basic items costing less than 15 gp can be found here, and merchants are aware of the priests disdain for material wealth. They will only stop here on their way to somewhere else. 

Twiddly Encounter

1 – 1d4  priests of vangalor preaching in the street. 
2 – a beggar asking you for a copper coin. 
3- Several commoners dressed in rags, braying at a wooden statue of vangalor. 
4 – a knight of indel standing watch.

Vangalors Rest- 

This large blackened wood temple is surrounded by a sprawling graveyard, headstones from time immemorial stand tightly knitted together , the results of hundreds of years of burying bodies nearly on top of eachother. The dead here are tended by the priests of vangalor who ensure that no undead rise from the graveyard. 

The temple itself is a massive structure made of blackened wooden planks. It features a high bell towel, and many side chambers where priests dwell and study. 

Services can be requested from the priests here , such resurrections and healing spells. The priests refuse payment for this service and only require the price of the material components consumed, if there are any.

Statute of Vangalor- an ancient black stone statue stands in the back of the hall. The statue depicts a tall nearly skeletal man wrapped in a cloak and holding a scythe made of flames. His face is twisted into an expression of grief. Anyone who prays at the statue with a successful religion check dc10 gains the benefits of a bless spell for the next one hour.

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