Worrym –

Worrym is a small town on the eastern coast of algar. Larger ships cannot dock here, because of the shallow water along the area of the coast, but a small fishing community still exists here. The forest nearby also provides some hunting and lumber to the small community allowing it to mostly take care of itself. The town itself consists of small thatched roof cottages clustered around a large village green where artisans display their goods. The area is known to attract painters and artists because of its dramatic sunrises and the beautiful coastline , though in recent years due to the negligence of the king the community has suffered and most of the talented artists have moved away. though some remnants can be seen in the detailed murals carved into some of the wooden buildings, depicting a thriving market place and theater.

Points of interest:

The Costumery –

This strange shop sells costumes. The shop owner, an eccentric man named Jedidiah Shank, the nephew of the former owner.  will custom make a costume for anyone who can pay the price of 200gp for the service. The costume can be made to resemble any creature of a similar size and basic shape of the character (similar to a disguise kit) but is made to look like a costume, and wont in particular fool anyone (without a successful deception check, vs their insight) but they are good fun. 

The Edgewater Inn –

Though not located by the waters edge this inn has a catchy name. The Nautical theme of the place can be seen in the elaborate carved dioramas of fishermen and whalers braving the open seas. Rooms here cost 15gp and food and drink can be had for 2gp a plate and 1gp for a flagon of watered down ale. 

The Brackish Brook –

A small tavern located at the southern edge of town, and the only place to get a decent drink. The place is frequented by scoundrels, and anyone who speaks thieves cant can get a discount (half price) for a pint of pink ale (2gp). 

The Market –

Here fishermen and farmers trade their wears, fish can be sold as well as meat harvested from hunted creatures. Meat Prices (per pound)(10pounds max):

Unlisted- 5sp

Vermin- 1gp

Undead- 1gp

Animal- 3gp

Beast- 5gp 

Monstrosity- 6gp

Aberration- 10gp

Giant- 15gp

Dragon- 20gp

Boat Builders-

Outside of the docks you can find shipyard producing vessels, boats can be bought for the following prices:

Row boat- 250gp (holds up to 4 people travels 6 miles per hour)

Skiff- 400gp (holds up to 6 people travels 12 miles per hour)

Long boat- 600gp (holds up to 10 people travels 8 miles per hour)

Charter A Vessel ! –

A ship can be chartered into the Cold Sea for a fishing trip for 20gp per hour of the voyage (with a maximum of 6 hours per day). Ships do not run in rain or bad weather. while at sea you can roll from the following fishing tables. The cannons on the ship are ornamental and do not function. During combat the sailors will man the ship and leave the battle up to the players, attempting to navigate the ship to safety as soon as possible.

!!QUEST!! Strange sights at the docks- People have been reporting strange sightings of strange beings harassing boats at the docks, anyone who goes there can roll a 1d20 , on a 16-20 they spot a strange shape in the water. If they approach, they find 1d4 marrows lurking just under the surface, they attack anyone who comes near. The townmaster will pay 150 gp to anyone who can clear them out. (the water is shallow enough to wade in, but is considered difficult terrain for anyone without a swim speed.)

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