Dead Lock

This Land contains the city of Penumbra

Mountains Encounter Table. For every 1 Hour spent in the Mountains, roll 1d8.

1: 1d2+1 Topaz Dragon Wyrmlings. They are destroying anything in their way like little bulldozers. With a successful dc14 persuasion check they can be told to stop and move on, or else they are aggressive.
2: 1d2 Deathlocks in old ruins that are barely even recognizable as ruins anymore. They are roaming the area, almost like they are patrolling it. They attack anyone on sight. With a successful dc 15 investigation of the ruins, jewels worth 100gp can be found in the hidden in the ruins.
3: The boulder next to you turns into a Galeb duhr. It scolds you in common for entering its domain and attacks anyone who does not apologize with a successful dc10 cha check.
4: 1d3 Will-o-Wisps. They try to attract the characters to the water. The party must make dc 10 charisma save or be surprised by combat. If the wisp(s) are defeated, the water reveals 1d10 humanoid bodies under the shore of the lake with 120 gold pieces scattered amongst them.
5: A hunting party of 1d4 werewolves comes upon your scent.
6: You find an old rock shelter, it has a bed, a fireplace, and some frozen rations. You can rest here.
7: A snowstorm forces you to wait an hour.
8: 1 Zombie Clot. It appears as an ominous mountain side graveyard at first, but a successful perception or insight check of dc 12 can see that the earth mounds are actually old bodies. The Zombie Clot jumps out and surprises anyone who failed the check, otherwise it attacks as normal.

Mountains Hunting table, Survival check DC 15. Roll 1d6.
1: 1d2 Giant Boars
2: 1d2 Giant Elk
3: 1d2 Yeti
4: 1d4 Brown Bears
5: A hunting party of 1d4 werewolve(s) come upon your scent.
6: 6: 1d6 Dire Wolves

Mountains Harvest table, Nature check DC 15. Roll 1d4.

1- Black Root – Gives resistance to cold damage for 1 hour when consumed.

2- Quicksilver Root – when consumed as a bonus action, gives the effects of a haste spell until the end of your next turn.

3- Questionable berries – When you consume these berries, roll a 1d100, on a roll of 50 or above the berries heal 4d8 hp. On a roll of 49 or below they deal 4d8 poison damage instead.

4- Black Apple- These mysterious black apples taste and smell of black licorice. When consumed they impart a strange magic granting true sight, as well as immunity to charm spells and effects last for 1d4 hours.

5- Dog Thistle – This small prickly plant has seeds which are renowned for their ability to cure poisons. When consumed they grant immunity to poison for 1d4 hours.

6- Smoking Potato – This mysterious potato constantly emits a shadowy mist. When consumed, they grant resistance to necrotic damage for 1d4 hours. If they are already resistant by a means other than this type of potato, the consumer gains immunity for 1d4 hours.

Fishing on the Dead Loch requires a survival check dc15. If you are on the Loch’s shore for fishing, you can optionally ignore results 8, 3, and 2 on the Dead Loch Mountain encounter table when rolling and Fish ‘peacefully’.

Dead Loch Fishing Table


|1| A Giant Tuna – (str save dc17 or lose the tuna to the sea) wort 100gp

|2| 1d4 Merrow attack

|3| Your line is caught on an ancient soldier’s dead body. (athletics check dc14 to dredge the body). If returned to Penumbra, earn 60gp or ARC.

|4| A Topaz Herring – (worth 100gp)

|5| Something caught your line and is slithering it towards you. Roll 1d100: 0-49 it is a Young Sea Serpent, 50-100 its a giant constrictor snake.

|6| A blood red eel – (worth 150gp )

|7| An emerald green manta (worth 200gp)

|8| A giant Octopus attacks and attempts to analyze its opponents weaknesses before fleeing back into the depths after 2 rounds of combat.

|9| A Glowing Cat Fish (worth 700gp.)

|10| 1d2 giant crocodiles attacks

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