The Blasted Lands

Blasted Lands Travel

The Blasted Lands is a wasteland of dangerous ruins and harsh elements. Only the bravest will travel away from the roads and the protection they receive from the merchants guild and explore the blasted ruins of a lost civilization. 

Exploring the Blasted Lands- 

When traveling in the blasted lands, first roll a con save dc10 each hour or take one level of exhaustion (resistance to fire negates in day, resistance cold negates at night)  then roll from the Blasted lands exploration table. 

Blasted Lands Exploration- 

1- An endless expanse of dunes and death. Disadvantage on your next con save to avoid exhaustion. 
2- Quicksand threatens to consume you , Dex saves dc13 or you are grappled by the sand, taking 2d8 bludgeoning damage until you free yourself (escape dc13).
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The blasted lands are littered with ancient ruins perpetually being uncovered by the shifting sands. Some of them haven’t seen the light of day for thousands of years. If you find a ruin, roll from the following table to see what you find. 

Ruins Table –

1- The crumbled remains of an ancient tower. (a safe place to rest) 
2- A small subterranean structure inhabited by 1d4 Grick and a Grick alpha. (30x30room) 
3- a crumbling structure occupied by a tribe of 2d4 hobgoblins, will attack unless you have a hobgoblin guide. 
4- An ancient dome containing scraps of ancient machinery (100 Arc)

Blasted Lands Hunting Table- 

The Blasted lands are the home to many dangerous creatures and purple worms. Anyone crazy enough to go after one will find them easily enough, but take care that the hunter does not become the hunted. 

Hunting table- 1d4

1- 1d4 giant scorpions 
2- 1 purple worm
3- 1 giant lizard
4- 1d4 Dire Vultures

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Blasted Lands Harvest Table- 

Harvesting in the blasted lands is something only a crazy person would attempt, but in a survival situation sometimes its necessary. Roll a survival dc 20 , if you pass roll to see what you find. 


1- WindRoot- these tiny mysterious plants live their entire life cycles swept up in the hot winds of the blasted lands, sometimes never touching the ground. They resemble tony puffs of red cotton floating in the air. When consumed they deal 1d2 poison damage. 
2- Glowing Moss- certain areas of the desert are covered in a blanket of weird glowing moss. Moss can be collected and will emit as much light as a torch for up to four hours. 
3- Spiny Wizards Wort- a thorny bush that when made into a tea grants advantage on the next intelligence check or saving throw done within the hour) 
4- Black Thorn Blight- a thick bramble of black thorns, annoying, but the young shoots are edible and restore 1d2+1 hp. 

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