Deserts are one of the harshest naturally occurring environments in the world, with no shade or water to speak of, only the strongest and toughest creatures manage to survive here. Even the plants forgosoft leaves in favor of spiny thorns to protect themselves in the scorching heat. The creatures that live here have all adapted over thousands of years to withstand the climate. 

Harsh Climate- With temperatures rising into the hundreds and lowering to nearly zero at night, the deserts are always harsh. For each hour spent traveling through the desert make a CON saving throw dc10 or take one level of exhaustion. (resistance to fire damage, negates these checks during the day, resistance to cold negates these checks at night) 

For every hour spent traveling in the desert, roll from the following table to see what you encounter:

Encounter – 1d6

1- You come across a small group of 1d4 Humans and a Camel carrying their gear heading towards the road to the south. They will look at you a moment, before hurrying along at a much faster rate, unwilling to interact

2- you find the discarded skull of a bull. Whoever brought a bull into the desert was very irresponsible. 

3- you find a hobgoblin at 1 hp with 2 levels of exhaustion. They are dying of thirst. If you give them water they will lead you for the next 1d4 hours before slipping off into the desert. (while being led by the hobgoblin you can ignore all encounters in the desert of the blasted lands)

4- A band of 1d6 hobgoblin robbers attacks! 

5- the ground rumbles softly , you can feel something moving beneath your feet. (roll a 1d100 , if you roll a 20 or below a purple worm erupts from the path before you and attacks.) 

6- You catch a glimpse of an injured jackal, with amber eyes and pale green fur with lime stripes. It will draw away from any attempts to approach it. Any Magic Detection used detects Transmutation Magic. DC 14 Nature or Arcana check causes the character to recall that oddly-coloured creatures are a trait of the Feywild usually. DC18 Persuasion check (no, not Animal Handling, for reasons) to allow approach and tending to wounds. Not Tameable. 

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Desert Hunting Table- 

Hunting in the desert is difficult because there is little game to be had, but if you are skilled enough to pas a dc20 survival check, roll form the following table. 

Hunting table- 1d4

1- 1d4 Wild Hares

2- A large lizard.

3- 1d4 giant scorpions

4- 1d4 Dire Vultures

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Desert Harvest Table- 

Harvesting in the desert is difficult but there are some small things to be found. 

Roll a survival dc 20 , if you pass roll to see what you find. 

Harvest- 1d4

1- a small spiny cactus (removes one level of exhaustion when consumed) 

2- a dried lizard. 

3- Spiny Wizards Wort- a thorny bush that when made into a tea grants advantage on the next intelligence check or saving throw done within the hour) 

4- Sand Pear- these strange black pear shaped lumps are some sort of seed, they can be found in shallow sands around the desert. Sort of like a potato. Consuming it can restore 1d2 hp. 

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