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D&D Beyond Character Creation Steps
1) If you do not have access to all material, go to campaign-links and join one of the listed campaigns.
Alternatively, if all links are full, we accept DiceCloud and the pinned Google Sheet in campaign-links so long as we can see the base stats
2) Make sure on the first page you have everything except homebrew clicked into the on position.
3) Turn on encumbrance, including coin weight
4) Make sure the sheet is set to Public
5) We use a standard array of 18, 16, 14, 13, 11, 9 – change your stat source to Rolled/Manual
6) Starting Equipment
7) Have fun building out your character!
8) Once the sheet is made, get its shareable link, head to character-sheets and put the shareable link only, before going to character-builds to use the command !import {insert link here} to link with the bot (or !gsheet {insert link here} for the Google sheet). You’re all good to go!
9) When levelling up, use Fixed HP

Other Accepted Sheets:

Dice Cloud


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